Mylio Create + Seagate Drive Signup

I bought a Seagate Backup Plus which comes with a year of Mylio Create. It seems the signup link is installed on the drive which I deleted/wiped before realizing this. Is there another way of signing up for Mylio Create?

FYI - I received an email from support and am all set up. Thanks.

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I purchased Seagate Backup Plus devices each with a 1 year of Mylio Create. I bypassed it the sign up, but after doing the research I would like to sign up for Mylio Create. I contacted Seagate to see if they could do it on their end, but the office is closed & I would like to get started with Mylio right away.

On my iPad or browser, when I click on the seagate promo code, Mylio won’t let me have access to a way to upgrade manually or automatically.
I’m basically stuck with the free version.
Can you pls help?
Kind regards, S.