Mylio doesn't import photos on Android 11?

Until a week ago Mylio was working great for me. Around that time I upgraded my phone (and my wife’s) to Android 11. Our phones no longer show new photos in the normal folder in the Mylio app. It still works fine on my kids’ phones, so it leads me to believe it’s Android 11 related.

Syncing works fine as I’m still pulling new photos down from my vault, but new photos I’ve taken on my phone show up in Mylio. I’ve tried removing / re-adding the folder but no luck. Any suggestions?

Any suggestions? I still can’t get my Pixel 4 or my wife’s Pixel 4a to import any photos from my device into Mylio.

Hi @clarkada - thanks for letting us know this is going on. We have successfully reproduced this issue on our team and hope to have a fix out soon to address this. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you! I look forward to the fix.

I came to ask about this as I’m experiencing this as well. Glad to know it’s in the works!

Hi @clarkada and @jordan - just a quick note that we released a new version of Mylio for Android today that should address this issue! If you’re still experiencing any problems after updating from the Play Store please let me know.

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That seems to have done the trick. My photos are now importing correctly from my Pixel 4. Thanks!

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Yep that worked for me as well on Pixel 2XL. Thanks!