Mylio & Flickr import


My understanding for Mylio is getting better and better :slight_smile: I am very happy now (after I understand all the import methods etc.)-

But there is one question regarding import from Flickr:

Is it right that I only can import photos from a Flickr album? I tried to put all my photos on Flickr (approx. 100.000) into one album but it doesn’t work. So I don’t have all my photos in a Flickr album for import them to Mylio.

Is it not possible to import all photos without putting them into an album (on Flickr)?


Yes, we only support importing directly from Flickr albums. The API that we use for this integration has this limitation.

Looking at Flickr’s support site, they have limits of 500 photos to download which is probably what you are hitting. It might be better to request a download from Flickr, check the link below under the section “download all of your content”

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Hello Michael

Thanks for your reply. Normally this is not a problem. But I have approx. 100.000 photos and no one of them in an album. And if I want to put it in an album flickr crashed. That’s of course not a Mylio problem. I can request my Flickr data but then I receive around 250 zip file to download… But I think I have to go that way.