Mylio hngs trying to find preview/original on vault

I have Mylio set up with 5 devices (2 x iphone 6s, 1 x Macbook 2015(vault) 1 x iMac 2009 (vault), 1 x iPad pro) plus OneDrive. I am very keen to get this working but keep encountering issues. So far I have only 63 photos so not a volume issue.

The problem is with the laptop. From time to time it seems to ‘lose’ the preview/original and just displays the thumbnails. Once this happens it can’t edit (looking for thumbail/original), goes very slowly, won’t quit cleanly, has to be force quit, can’t restart Mylio restarting the laptop, which won’t clean restart…

I’m suspicious it might relate to something going amiss when Mylio encounters a panoramic photo of non-standard proportions - or that might be coincidental.

Has anyoe seen anything similar to this that might help? Should’t be this hard :frowning:

Some more details.

  • the problem is only occurring on my laptop, all other devices appear to be working well
  • I have unregistered and reset the laptop twice but has not solved the problem
  • Mylio appeared to be working properly when I first reattached the laptop as a new device, but went ‘funny’ again when changed to be a vault
  • misbehaviour also includes thumbnails and previews disappearing (black) even though fully synced, slowness when going from one photo to another (but not affecting all photos the same)

The laptop was the first device set up for Mylio, and was the device from which the OneDrive connection was set up. I can’t see that either of these factors are relevant.

In some scenarios I can quit Mylio and restart, but in others I have to force quit Mylio, and cannot restart it until I’ve cold booted the laptop again. This is proving to be rather nasty.

Laptop is running on Catalina, the iMac is on High Sierra.

Any clues/support/advice would be most appreciated.

It does look like a problem with one particular photo. I’ve reset a third time, cleaned out all old folders, reconnected, not set as a vault, but has folder sync settings set to originals. When walking through the folder it delays on this photo, finally shows it, then delays getting to the next, then starts to lose previews etc. From there it just goes quite erratic.

The photo is a panorama taken on an iPhone. There are other panoramas but they don’t seem to cause the same problem. Mind you, I can’t say I’ve comprehensively tested that. This particular photo is 16362x3812 (14.5 MB). All other devices are handling it fine.

If there are any known issues with panoramic photos on particular devices or MacOS versions it would be helpful to know.

I may have got to the cause of this. The panoramic photo that I suspected does seem to be the problem, but only affects some devices. When I removed the photo, cropped it outside of Mylio, and reloaded it after cropping the problem has not recurred.

The only distinctive thing I can think of re this photo is that it was shot on an iPhone 6s using panorama mode, and it is the only time the phone has said ‘enough’ and finished the shot when I was still panning. I think, but don’t know for sure, that it cut out at about 180 degrees. I can supply a copy of the photo for testing purposes if needed. It would be good to resolve this because (a) it may happen to others and (b) the consequences for crashing out are fairly messy, potentially nasty.