Mylio is confused about my USB vault location

After a shaky start (probably my fault), I reset everything and started over in Mylio yesterday. My plan was…

  • Store all photos on an external USB drive attached to my iMac named “Media One”
  • Keep a vault on that same drive (“Media One”)
  • Sync everything from “Media One” to another USB drive, “Media Two” nightly using Chronosync

Everything seemed to work fine and the backup ran without error last night.

I haven’t made any changes but saw that Mylio was syncing this morning. Looking at my devices I see that it is “updating Media Two”. The only vault listed is now “Media Two”. Both drives are still attached. I never added “Media Two” as a vault.

Here’s the notification showing that I added “Media One”…


And here’s what the Vaults area looks like now…


Is there a known issue with mirroring a vault like this that would confuse Mylio? Any idea how I get Media One back as the vault? I’d rather not have to run 80,000 photos through again.

Checking to see where Mylio thinks my files actually are, I picked one at random and selected “Show in Finder”. The following dialog told me that the file is available on both external drives, yet there’s still only one vault listed (“Media Two”). How does it know about the other copy of the file?


Hm… if I had to guess I would say that @LucLL was probably right with his thoughts in the other thread.

I would guess that you backup not only your image folders from „Media One“ to „Media Two“ but also the Mylio database (or data structure), right?
So I think that Mylio is scanning your „Media Two“ (as it scans all external devices when plugged in), finds its own „signature“ and then things get messed up.

I believe that, if you want to backup images the way you do it with Chronosync, you better backup just the images (without Mylio data) or you let Mylio use both usb devices as vaults and dont use Chronosync.

I’ve just come to the same conclusion. Having both drives plugged in with the “same” Mylio vault at the root was confusing Mylio. I renamed “Media One” to something else and then suddenly that was showing as the only vault. You’re right, this was a bad idea :slight_smile:

However, I would prefer to not change my backup methods to account for this.

My question for someone who knows: Where does Mylio look for vaults on USB drives? Is it only at the root level?

IOW will I be ok if the Mylio backup is put into a subfolder on the backup drive (“Media Two”)?

You should be able to avoid this by renaming the root folder from Mylio_abc to something else. So far I’ve used xxxMylio_xxxabc to ensure that Mylo doesn’t detect a vault anymore if I do a manual copy.
I guess you could automate this in your sync software or only sync the contents of the Mylio_abc folder to any other folder name.

You could try to rename the main folder from Mylio and then once your copy is finished remove your first vault and rename the 2nd vault back to the original name and see if Mylio would recognise this vault. But i think you are playing with a bit of fire here as that vault may not be exactly how Mylio expect. It might be now ok (maybe) in a controlled test environment but one day when you - hope not - woudl lose your A, you may figure out that your B has all the pictures but may not be read by Mylio.

I would strongly suggest to ask Mylio folks for advice if this is supported. Keep in mind that in case you lose the Mylio recognition you also lose the Mylio specific items from all your pictures if Mylio cant recover from that backup.

After 2 nights of backing up my photos/vaults drive, “Media One” to a subfolder on “Media Two”, Mylio has not become confused as to where the vault is, so right now I’m assuming that as long as the mirrored vault folder isn’t on the root of the drive, I’m OK.

I encountered the identical issue reported by JackBaty. I had used CCC to create a clone of the external vault drive on a second external drive that was attached to the same machine (Mac). I disentangled the rogue copy of the vault by quitting Mylio on the Mac and then performed an “erase” of the second external drive that contained the CCC cloned copy of the vault drive. Afterwards, restarting Mylio allowed it to once again see the original vault/drive and now it seems to have restored sanity to my config.

My intention was to then create a virgin vault on the empty second drive and just leave it up to Mylio to perform the sync from the original. Unfortunately, when I tried to create the second vault the dialog that lets you pick the target drive was completely blank – neither the blank drive nor the existing vault drive were visible. After speaking with Matthew in support, he recommended that I quit Mylio and then disconnect any/all external drives except the blank one that I wanted to create the new vault on. This seems to have done the trick. When adding a new vault the dialog now displayed the desired drive and I could proceed to instantiate the new vault. Afterwards, I re-connected the original vault drive and everything began to sync properly.