Mylio keeps crashing on startup - Windows 10


I started using Mylio today. Started by installing it on my main PC and adding a few photos (~800). Everything appeared to go well. After experimenting a bit with reorganizing folders, I decided to try and add my Android phone.

For the first half hour everything appeared to go smoothly. But suddenly Mylio crashed on my PC, and since then everytime I try to start Mylio it asks me to send a log/bug report (that I sent everytime), opens the app for a few seconds, then crashes. I’ve tried closing other apps to free up ram, I’ve tried reinstalling Mylio, but the same thing keeps happening.

EDIT: Tried uninstalling and removing all leftover files, and removed the previous library as well. The app started very well like the first time but right about the same place it crashed and kept crashing on startup again.

Suggest you contact Mylio support at

Already did, but got an automated reply saying they’re understaffed (understandable) and that it could take a while for them to get to my ticket it so I should try the community forums…

What Graphics Card do you have? If you card doesn’t support DirectX 11 then at the moment Mylio will crash on startup.

My Windows 10 system supports DirectX 12 (according to dxdiag) with an Nvidia 1660i card. Mylio crashes on startup. I’d love to try it but can’t.