Mylio on a VM, storage over Samba - suddenly everything is uploading & downloading

Hiya! I’ve added a new vault to my Mylio setup, intending to move servers, and it’s not working the way I expect.

The new vault is a Windows VM on a Linux host, with its storage folder on a network-mounted share on the VM host. The host is serving it with Samba.

Since the initial sync, which seemed to go fine (60,000-odd pictures downloaded, down to 0 over a day), I’ve noticed that every other device is now permanently uploading and downloading random numbers of pictures (one other vault, Google Drive, a laptop & phone). Each of them seems to have a different idea of what the others’ numbers are, and it doesn’t seem to be going down.

I’m guessing this might be to do with date stamps not being stored perfectly on the Samba share, but that’s just a guess. I’d really like to use Samba as it means my backups are centralised and easy. Can anyone offer any insight, or is it likely to stabilise if I leave it a few more days?

(update - I left all the devices on this morning, and came back to :heavy_check_mark:s on all of them. But a couple of hours later, they are back to uploading & downloading random numbers)

Given the lack of response to your question, I suspect nobody else has tried such a configuration. I have experienced similar weird sync behaviour to you in the past, and it went away when I rebuilt my main Mylio system in a more conventional way.

I have my main Mylio Vault running on a Win10 VM on my Synology NAS (which is running on Linux). The NAS hosts the Vault storage via a Samba share. This worked pretty much out of the box without any trouble.
I previously had my main Mylio Vault running on OS X also with the NAS as the Vault storage through Samba.

I don’t know if it’s of any use, but I’m attaching the advanced Samba settings of my NAS:

Thank you! Those are the default Samba settings, but it’s good to hear it’s working for someone. Do you know what filesystem the Synology uses? (mine is using btrfs)

Heh, yup, just trying to shut away a backup without running a whole separate computer. It does work stably on a VM with a regular disc & NTFS, but this would make my backups much simpler.

It’s using also btrfs.

I do that using a scheduled network copy (using Carbon Copy Cloner since I use Macs) rather than Mylio itself. This lets me keep a change history, and I can recover images that I accidentally deleted in Mylio (just a hypothetical situation, you understand).

That would work nicely if my main computer were a Vault!

I would love love love a headless vault binary for Linux e.g.

./mylio --user x --password y --store /mnt/mylio

(Or some more responsible UI for the password, ykwim)