Mylio on Apple TV

It would be awesome to have mylio running on Apple TV


Agreed, and it would work better than most solutions as the photos would be on a local PC so streaming slideshows would perform well.

From my perspective I would only request the ability to do slideshows based on albums in Mylio, I wouldn’t use it for doing any management of my library

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Are you looking for ways to show your photos on Apple TV?

I actually just upgraded to Apple TV Gen 4, and I’ve been playing with ways to integrate Mylio and Apple TV via iTunes on my Mac. If you have a Mac, you can turn on Home Sharing and point it at your Mylio folder. Then you should be able to view via Computer on Apple TV. The new Gen 4/5 lets you start good slideshows.

Also I would like to have a good solution to view photos on the AppleTV. I do not use cloud solutions like iCloud.

The current solutions for the AppleTV are not good.

  • iTunes sharing: iTunes must be running; it’s better to have a NAS or server running in the background that you may already own.
  • Plex: Does not work well with photos. I also have privacy concerns.
  • Emby: Doesn’t work well with photos either.

Mylio for AppleTV:

  • AppleTV can store some data, but not permanently. You might be able to use that anyway.
  • Mylio for AppleTV could access an upcoming server version of Mylio for Linux: Headless version of Mylio for linux

I have been using AirPlay from my iPhone and MacBook Pro to get Mylio onto the AppleTV. @mballe what would you want to happen on the AppleTV that can’t be accomplished with AirPlay?

Involve fewer devices and less places to focus.

Let’s say you have some non tech savvy grandparents without phones but with an Apple TV, then you could give them access to the family photos by installing mylio on their Apple TV.


Totally agree. To me, this isn’t really about “running Mylio” on Apple TV. It’s a big missing piece of the Mylio ecosystem: some kind of super-simple way for non-photographer/non-techies to browse, search, and enjoy the collection of photos. Think “grandparents”. Could just be a web-browser view of the Mylio “server”, or an app for a streaming/smart TV device like Apple TV.

I know you can already put Mylio into a read-only Guest Mode and hide some of the complex panels. But even with that, Mylio is still WAY too complex to pass the “grandparent” test.

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Hi @Mylio_Osiris,
With no disrespect but i think thats the wrong question to ask.

If we apply that same logic we woudl not need Photos, Netflix, AppleTV+, Music or almost any of the other applications native on AppleTV as you can play them all via AirPlay.

The question woud be what additional user experience could an native AppleTV app from Mylio provide? and in that sens i think there are many options.

A “player” could make it easy to select a date, album or category to just view on the TV eg. A Screensaver could play slideshows from a specific category, album or eg year randomly, etc…

I can tell you that if a Mylio ApplTV app woudl be available we woudl use it a lot im my family, and honestly i thing all AppleTV users with Mylio would.
Imagineer how easy it could be to show customers your photoshoots, how easy it woudl be to show after coming home from a walk the entire collection of all the photos taken by everyone… etc.

So I woudl say GO! for it… there are probably many benefits I didn’t even think of here that a native app on AppleTV could bring!.. I’m already waiting :slight_smile:

A Mylio lover…


Simple support for simply running a slideshow from an album would be great. Since moving to a Windows PC from a Mac, the thing I miss the most is a fast and easy way to view my photos on my TV via Apple TV.

Please Mylio, make this happen. I think easy Apple TV support would be a winner!


Its just basic, read only, slideshow support, especially for others outside immediate family etc.


Fully agree with all above. I link my Apple TV with iTunes and point that at my Mylio folder, all good. But - not very selective, and many photos appear sideways.

Mylio staff: I really hope you consider making Mylio available on Apple TV! I think many of us is looking for an easy way to show our photos on our TV, and Apple TV would be a winner I think!

Please Mylio! What do you think? Plans?

@Mylio_David Any hope and interest for an AppleTV app of Mylio?

We have thought about an Apple TV version. Do you have an iPhone or iPad or even a Mac? I use my iPad regularly with Airplay on the Apple TV and it works very well.

Yes, currently I/we use indeed airplay but that’s not the point and not the same. If we use that logic - as I stated before. We would also not need Apple TV or Netflix on Apple TV Would just make live easier :). And an advantage for Mylio I believe.

This is a specific case of a more general Mylio shortcoming:

No easy way to “publish” or “share” a curated subset of your photos.

I hear you. Native support is something we do think about.

August 22

Yes, currently I/we use indeed airplay but that’s not the point and not the same. If we use that logic - as I stated before. We would also not need Apple TV or Netflix on Apple TV Would just make live easier :). And an advantage for Mylio I believe.

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