Mylio & P3 color support?

Does mylio support the P3 / AdobeRGB color space for the UI & rendering RAW files. Do previews & thumbnails render in P3?

A lot of apple displays (including macbooks & imacs), phones and tablets have been showing p3 color since 2015. I would imagine that OLED android phones and newer android phones do too. New monitors nowadays are starting to ship with decent P3 color support as a default now too, from %93-99 P3 color support, not to mention OLED TVs if you use mylio on one :slight_smile:

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At least under Windows 10 the colour management works on a computer with 2 monitors (1x sRGB & 1x AdobeRGb with WideGamut)
The actual preview images of Mylio (JPG) seem to be all sRGB.
The question would be how they access the DNG.

AFAIK some images from an iPhone and such say they are display P3, and generating P3 color space previews from those images along with RAWs would be nice for us people with mac & iOS devices along with people with P3 displays in general. I’m guessing a bunch of android phones are also P3 displays.

Raises the question of what Mylio actually uses internally as its working color space. Is it just sRGB, or a larger gamut like Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB?

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