Mylio Plan Pricing reasonable?


Mylio is great in many ways, no doubt and not so great in others. Still, it’s a software which I don’t expect to get for free. So, I understand that Mylio stopped offering a real free plan (the new free one is just a trial in my view, which is fine).

Still, I will stop using Mylio. In my view, the pricing isn’t reasonable for my use-case. I’m using Mylio once a month (max) to empty my camera and organize the photos. And my wife and myself are using it approximately 2-3 times a month to look at the photos.

To do that, I’d have to pay the same price like for my Netflix subscription which I’m using daily for 2-3 hours (I know, I should watch less).
5 years of usage would cost me as much as a solid private NAS which also offers pretty usable photo managing software and I don’t have to have a PC running to access the original files on my phone. In addition the NAS offers tons of additional features.

Don’t get me wrong, the NAS software is lacking features that Mylio offers. That’s the reason why I’m not happy to leave Mylio, but it’s simply not fair priced in my view.

I think, there are quite a lot of users like me out there which are scared away by your pricing model and this will be even more true, because people might not even try Mylio on the new free plan, because they know that they don’t want to pay the high price afterwards. You should try to evaluate how much more users you would attract with a more reasonable plan.

Additionally, Mylio doesn’t feel like a premium software yet (to justify the price).
Since I can’t run it on my NAS, I kept my Mac Mini Server (which I actually wanted to replace with my NAS) just to have a Mylio instance running to be able to access my originals. The thing is, Mylio can’t be updated on my Mac Mini any more. So, I’d have to pay for new hardware to have the latest Mylio updates, I’m paying for. I’ve seen similar comments from people which couldn’t update Mylio any more on their not so old phones.

What would be a reasonable price for my use-case? Have a look at the Plex Pass pricing: 5.99 a month, 39.99 a year, 119.99 life-time (I think, I’d even pay more for life-time). And, Plex still runs on all of my devices in the latest version (even my Mac Mini).

Another user brought up a similar topic already:

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I agreed with what the original poster said, the Premium price is a bit high. Mylio should offer a more competitive price model, including a lifetime-subscription plan. If you look at Adobe Photography Plan or Lightroom Plan, both offer same monthly price like Mylio, but they also include free storage, 20GB for Photography Plan and 1TB for Lightroom Plan.

I like Mylio a lot, but once my current complimentary plan expired, I have to re-think hard if I want to continue or not. If not, I will switch back to using Synology Photos for free, it may not be as elegant as Mylio, and offer lesser features, but it’s free since I already got the NAS. The cheapest Synology NAS can be purchased for less than $200 + $100 for hard drive, a total of $300. It would paid for itself after 2.5 years.

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This might sound harsh, but I guess Mylio don’t care much if they lose free users. :man_shrugging:

Well… They are not loosing a free user. They are loosing a user which is willing to pay a reasonable price.

I’d assume, the only reason for even offering a free plan is to convert the users to a pro plan when they like the product. Player acquisition is very expensive and they should care about not managing to move users like me from the free plan to a paid one.

mlim made a good point. Adobe and Lightroom plans have the same price. But they are more targeted to professional users. Mylio has the chance to target the mass market. And I’d assume that’s what they want to do with their easy synchronization. But not with this pricing.

Just for reference, the current Premium price is less than half of what Mylio used to charge. As recently as 2019, I was paying $250/year for a “Mylio Max” subscription.


Well… I guess a professional or at least very regular user, is willing to pay this much. But for a user like me, the pricing doesn’t fit unfortunately.