Mylio says "Unable to copy files" for all files

I tried to import files into Mylio & now it says it is “Unable to copy files” for everything.

My guess is that I’ve managed to mess up the catalog somehow. I tried putting files in one place, realized that wasn’t where I wanted them & tried to move them, then ended up deleting all the copied files.

There isn’t anything in the catalog that I need to keep, so just resetting back to the default state should (I hope) fix the problem. How can I do that?

Thanks, Beth

If you want to reset and start over, this article has instructions for doing so:

However, you might want to contact support first - we might be able to simply help you correct the issue. or find where your photos moved to.

That worked, thanks very much. I appreciate the offer to contact support, but I didn’t have anything to protect, so starting over is fine.

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