Mylio Search, Filter, Sync, and Info

I know these topics are under active review, but the addition of Categories inspired me to try and document some of the peculiarities of Mylio’s organizational features. It started when I tried to find a list of Events, then tried to see how Categories could be used.

As everyone is quite aware, it’s quite a hodgepodge of features that have little coherent structure. In particular, Search, Filter, and Sync have very different mechanisms to specify what you want, yet many of the individual criteria are the same.

They all have strong contextual dependencies on the View and what is currently selected or popped up. I’m not going to try and document the strangeness of those dependencies (like understanding where a union or an intersection are being used), but I thought I’d take a stab at the individual criteria and where and how they can be used. Hence a spreadsheet, probably with some errors.


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Nice overview, thanks for sharing. Though I can’t really figure out what the sync column is about. I mean, things like title, caption, place, people etc does also sync. So why does your sync column only apply to folder, rating, label, flag and keyword? Could you perhaps elaborate?

Sync has a limited set of selection criteria:

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 07.06-0600

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Thanks for the feedback Paul. Can you perhaps elaborate on what you mean with the “Search” column in the Album and Calendar rows?

Currently you can search for an Album, and search inside the Calendar.

Like many other criteria, it’s undocumented:

Still not 100% sure which you mean?

Searching for an Album? Or searching for a picture while in Album view?

Similar for Calendar. e.g. Searching inside Calendar view for a picture, or searching for a date from somewhere else?


The column was meant to represent what the Search icon is documented to support.

So I can’t use image to search for an Album name or Category name or Event name unless I know about undocumented criteria.

Similarly, I can’t use image to filter for a Lens although I can filter for a Camera (Model). And that’s not a documentation issue.


Agreed with Category name & Event name.

However, you can currently search for an Album name, and it will appear in the search results under the Album tab. (Part of the “Viewing Search Results” documentation).

Are you referring to something else?

Sorry about the lot of very specific questions - as you know, we’re busy working on the Lucene search parser, so just need to make sure what all exactly is missing.


Thanks for the explanation Deon. I apologize for not being thorough enough. I do think there were some things that mislead me:

  • I have had success with the file: modifier, even with partial names
  • The documented folder: modifier lead me to look for the other modifiers
  • I was looking for an album: modifier. When I tried one, it did not work, and there were no errors
  • When I tried the Search folder:Home_and_Flu it failed to find any folder

A Search for just Home_and_Flu, no modifier, does return the 2020_03_22_Home_And_Flu folder. Curiously, the folder: modifier returned the three media files within the folder, but not the folder. Quotes did not help. I have had trouble in the past with names that included blanks or punctuation.

The documentation for a folder: modifier but none for album: was misleading. Perhaps the modifiers which are covered by the search results tabs should be deprecated and description of the use of text without a modifier expanded to describe what metadata is covered and what is not.

There does seem to be a problem with the underlying search parser for folder: that hopefully will be addressed by Lucene.

But I think the bigger issue is the complexity of the UI elements, where some combinations of search criteria and the domains they search work, others don’t, and the overlap of criteria between the numerous UI elements means I have to hunt to find some combination that works, usually without success.

Having UI elements that are orthogonal and mutually exclusive provides both simplicity and power.

It seems like the answer would be to have the search field look for matches in everything—events, categories, folders, camera names, etc.—without requiring prefixes. There could still be an advanced search option to target specific elements, and perhaps that’s where the other filtering criteria could live.

That might also tighten up the search behavior. For example, if I am in the calendar view and do a search on “South Dakota,” the days or months where South Dakota events live highlight. If I then open the filter panel and click on the “Travel” category, all events marked as Travel are shown even if they do not pertain to South Dakota. If I clear the filter, the search field still shows “South Dakota,” but that search effectively ended when I selected a category to view.