Mylio Trash / Recycle Bin

A feature really missing in Mylio is a built-in trash / recycle bin. With my iCloud 200GB full of photos taken just by my spouse, I’m not willing to spend $10 on the higher iCloud tier and while my Mylio collection is far from fully set up, I’m now starting to show my spouse how to use the app. She’s mainly using her iPhone SE and using Mylio won’t be as easy.
But even on an iPad or computer it’s easy to fat finger certain actions and while I appreciate the undo feature, sometimes you won’t realize you made a mistake or you’re distracted by the kids running around.

I realize that Mylio makes use of the device’s built-in recycle bin feature, but that doesn’t really help as there’s no such thing on iOS devices and even on the desktop software, navigating the system’s recycle bin is far from user friendly as at least on Mac, it’s just a huge listing of filenames with no folder structure to help identifying items. Plus, if you don’t have originals on your device, you’d have to go digging into the hopefully available trash on your vault.

While this is still somewhat doable if you delete things yourself and kind of know what you deleted, it would be a pain to try to resolve a family member were to accidentally delete stuff. Just think of the scenario that the kids got hold of the phone and played around in Mylio. While they could reek a lot of havoc without deleting anything, at least most of the things could be repaired within Mylio.

I also understand that the undo function on the device might be an option, but I’m sure it also has its limit and would require immediate attention before too many more actions are taken.

So what I envision is having proper Trash / Recycle Bin in Mylio that would retain the folder structure of the deleted content so one has the option to browse by folder or optionally just see all photos. Obviously the trash items wouldn’t show in other sections or search of Mylio, but it would also be nice to have search available while you’re in the trash.
In addition, having a sort option to sort and display of “time deleted” would be most useful as well so you can easily get to the scene of the desaster and recover it.


As a workaround you could use the flag or a color label to mark the photos to be deleted and only delete them after using the filter on this marking.
That is what I do, but I am the only user sorting the photos.

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Thanks for the idea. This is what I actually already do using the 1 star rating so I can postpone the actual delete until I have some time to go through them again.

I support this - as well as a more general “undo” possibility. There’s days when I’m tired, when the kids are indeed running around, and when I misjudge the lag in the app, and press the wrong button. For instance, confirming a face identification when I meant to put another person. Being able to “undo” the last thing would be really useful…

There’s actually already an undo that covers most actions which is available in the 3 horizontal dot button in the bottom right. While this also covers delete actions, it’s of course easily lost in the chain of events if you discover a mistake only later on.

The universal shortcut of ctrl + z also works

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The workarounds are helpful but when using an account that I share with family I cannot trust them not to make accidental mistakes.

The following two feature would resolve some of the risk factors:
(1) To move deleted photos to a Mylio trash
(2) Allow the user to specify based on storage size and/or time range limit that works for their storage capacity.

It’s not a perfect solution, and I don’t know what happens on Windows, but on a Mac, items deleted from Mylio go to the system’s Trash - and stay there until it is emptied, so they could be recovered by restoring the XMP file and all image files (such as JPEG/raw pairs) together.

I don’t trust this though - I keep historical backups, just in case.

Right I don’t trust these workaround either, hence I am hoping that the Mylio team will implement a safety system. Until then I don’t feel comfortable to use Mylio as my primary photo organizer.

You could set your family’s devices to “guest mode” and they won’t be able to mess with stuff. This might be too limiting but they won’t be able to delete things on accident.

This feature would be fantastic, especially if it would include photos that get put in the system trash due to changes synched between remote devices. When I make changes to metadata, the photos end up in my mother’s system trash and she becomes very afraid of deleting her trash because of them.