Mylio Vault over VPN?

I have my Vault accessible over a VPN when I travel. If I open Mylio on my laptop, will it be able to access the original files?

Do you mean you have a NAS for which your travel laptop is the host? Is your NAS mounted via Samba? I don’t have any good experiences with this as in most cases the upstream of connections is quite limited and WiFi may be not the best either. That resulted in actually time outs and problems with rescanning when the NAS connected (via VPN).

At home I was also using Mylio hosting the NAS over WiFi and I ran into some issues that in a longer exchange with support resulted in me exporting data, resetting my account and importing the data again. They advised me to set up a separate host for the NAS with Mylio installed connected via Ethernet. I used an old MacBook laying around for this. The advantage of this is that it’s by itself now accessible from the internet without the need of VPN or having to open up any ports.

So while I can’t say if it was the repeated VPN disconnects or the WiFi glitches at home that over time resulted in an issue, personally I’d stay away from using Samba mounts for Mylio over WiFi until they come up with a better option that’s more resilient to connection glitches.

To give an answer to your actual question, if you can mount your NAS over the VPN connection, you shouldl be able to get to the originals. It just may not be advisable.

Thanks for that answer. Let me explain more clearly.

I have my vault set up at home using a locally connected NAS as its file storage location. All my images are at home on the NAS.

When I travel, I often want to sync the photos on my phone to Mylio. Can I connect my phone to my home network via VPN, and sync my phone’s photos to my Mylio vault? Similarly, if I want to edit a an original photo from my phone that is stored on my vault, can I sync the original image through the VPN?

So to clarify, you do have a computer running Mylio that’s connected to your NAS with a network Ethernet cable? In this case as long as the computer and NAS is on, you should be able to sync photos from Mylio on your phone even without the need for any active VPN connection.

You should be able to test this easily by disabling WiFi on your phone and using your cellular connection.

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Without VPN, do I need to open or forward any ports on my router?

You shouldn’t have to do anything special with port forwarding. As long as both devices can connect (outgoing) to, the sync data should get relayed between them.

No VPN needed. Mylio will sync peer-to-peer between Internet connected devices by default. All you need to do is make sure both devices have Mylio open and running and they are logged into the same Mylio account. They will find each other across the Internet.

My setup is similar, but I have a RAID connected to my iMac instead of a NAS. I also added Amazon Drive as a cloud vault so originals can go there if my home computer becomes unreachable.