Mylio version 3.11

iOS took some time for release hence the delayed announcement here but we are now live on all platforms. Please note that IPTC changes announced for iOS today are supported in 3.11 on other platforms but the UI in the Info panel is disabled until we update all other platforms shortly.

Edit: Release version 7034 was introduced this week bringing all platforms to the same build number and making IPTC fields in the Info tab visible. We are planning a refresh release of 3.11 with a number of bug and crash fixes soon.

Nice improved media controls. as well as the other improvements, thanks!

The IPTC panel is now big and won’t stay closed as I move between folder/all photos/calendar views, on a Mac :pleading_face:
Later: I see it can be turned off completely in setting - but I use the copyright field. Ho hum.

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I am now having a problem using the share option from Photos to Mylio on my iPhone 6s iOS 13, latest Mylio version. I share a photo from Photos (have been doing this with no problem), open Mylio to receive it into the Inbox and error. Tried the same photo twice, now two errors, tried a photo I successfully transferred a few days ago and now three errors.

Has this update broken something in sharing from Photos to Mylio (not linked, just manually shared)? What can I do to get rid of the errors coming up every time?

Hi @aearenda - thanks for letting us know. I’ve opened a bug for this and we’ll look to address it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There still seems to be something with the People view Zoom to Face at the top level. One moment it has Zoom to Face and another moment it shows the full picture.
can this be fixed to Zoom to Face?

Issue with share option from Photos to Mylio separately logged at BUG: Cannot share from Photos to Mylio on iOS after recent update.