Mylio version 3.13

The long-awaited camera support update! We also have improved search with OCR to find text within images and improved notifications styles so they are harder to miss.


Great stuff! I like the OCR.
After updating, Mylio works fine but shows high CPU and GPU usage, even though there is no activity shown. It has been going on for an hour now. I am guessing that it is doing OCR work in the background? Which is fine… but it could be shown in the activity panel?


We unfortunately did not get the UI for OCR activities into this release of the app but this feedback is already with the design team.

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Does it OCR everything or just PDFs, please?

Update: I just re-read the first post - I guess it’s everything!

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First and foremost: I really like Mylio, have been using it for years, and appreciate all the work that goes into it.

But lately, I am starting to wonder about where this is all going. I am getting the feeling that Mylio development gets lost in details, while essential features (IMO) are still lacking.

As much as I appreciate OCR, Mylio is still lacking

  • A usable search functionality. Lucine-style search has been promised for about a year now. Without a more powerful search, new searchable items (such as OCR) are of limited use.
  • Along with search - Smart folders
  • Any kind of sharing functionality
  • Ability to drag out photos
  • Efficient way to use folders (I think there’s a reason why almost any organizational tools that uses folders has a sidebar of some sort).
  • Usable import from iOS photos (all-or-nothing doesn’t do much good, to many apps store their screenshots etc. in Photos, would need to be folder based or similar)
  • Efficient SD-Card/Camera import on-the-go (e.g. based on iOS new file mechanism)

Not as essential: Some sort of extension/API mechanism (e.g. like OmniGroup’s JavaScript-based plugins)

Again, Mylio is great, I’m paying for it, but I’d really wish for those items, which I believe to be essential, would be addressed before niche features (one niche feature I’d love to see: support for compressed RAF).

Sorry for the harsh words, but I’ve been carrying this around with me for a few releases now


Is there a way to disable OCR? I don’t need this feature and I don’t want it to strain my machine.

+1 here - I hate the way Apple Photos steals CPU on all devices for scene recognition, and was glad Mylio was free of such behaviour - until now, and without warning. Please tell us how to stop it!

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Great update! Finally some important cameras added!

Interesting OCR feature - never expected such thing to happen!

Now get on that RAW support for Panasonic Lumix FZ1000! :wink:

Finally - Canon .CR3 support! Thanks.!

OCR - yawn… don’t care. How do I disable?

Is there any way to turn of the huge popups that now appear for notifications?
I was already tired of the notifications in the first place (like repeatedly warning me one of my three vaults is disconnected…because I’m storing it in a fire-proof box and only pull it out once per quarter) and now with this new UI these notifications are even more annoying!

Also how can I troubleshoot the OCR feature? It is not working at all, even with photos and screenshots of clear text.

Hi @sdschramm - can you please write to and let them know what issues you’re seeing so we can continue to iterate on OCR? Thanks!

@sdschramm you can turn off these notifications from Settings > Appearance > Display notifications outside of the notification panel.

We’ll be making this an easy toggle to turn on/off in a future version. And better yet, we’re investigating how we handle personal preference for levels of protection, so a Vault that is periodically synced doesn’t cause these popups.


@Mylio_Matt - Thanks for the heads up on that setting! That is very helpful and I’m also pleased to hear that additional settings may be coming to tune the vault notifications!

As for my OCR issue, it turns out Mylio had to be left open for a while. After an hour or two of my Mac’s CPU pegged at 100% and several crashes later (sent logs, awaiting reply) it seems the OCR has now proceeded my library and I’m now starting to get some search results. Its not perfect, but a good help for locating pictures!

A couple specific OCR questions, since there’s no UI or documentation:

  1. Is this tied into the Face Detection enabled setting? Will the OCR process run if Face Detection is Disabled?

  2. Are the OCR results written into the XMP/metadata anywhere? Or just stored in the database? Do they overwrite or append any existing metadata fields (keywords, caption, etc)?

Wanted to +1 every single bullet point from the @ionos list.

I full agree with the sentiment that basic and long requested organizational features like smart folders or usable search are still lacking and lack of updates on those is concerning. For me the photo organization is the main reason I’m paying for Mylio and I sort of took a bet that this functionality will evolve. There are also repeated cases with database corruptions that keeps overriding metadata and causing havoc in the library with older photos showing up years in the future that I’ve reported a while back, but is still there.

Seeing updates on more gimmicky features insread of functionality I perceive as core can be seen as a sign of lack of direction as @ionos mentions.


I appreciate the progress on camera support very much and I was excited to try it out, but I was disappointed to notice that the added support for the Fuji x-t3 and x-t4 models doesn’t seem to imply support for the x-t30 raw files. Isn’t this basically the same format as the one produced by the x-t3? Can we expect support for the x-t30 soon, now that x-t3 support is already there? This should be a very long-hanging fruit, I think.

You’ve opened a Pandora’s Box adding OCR. And I just came up with a way to use it—maybe. I’ve got scans of 100 year old city directories which will have 100s of names and addressed on each one. I just put a batch in for test. If it’s successful, several features will be desirable: 1) everything found on the page is shown (optionally) in the Info sidebar (or something like it), 2) that it highlight the area that it relates to, and 3) that the entry is editable since there will be OCR errors. Thanks for listening.

Hi @jimre

OCR and Face Detection do not operate on the same setting. OCR will run even if Face Detection is disabled. I’m investigating the viability of a switch specifically for OCR based on this forums feedback.

The OCR results are written in Mylio’s database, not anywhere else. They do not overwrite or append any existing fields.

Hope this helps!

Hi @ionos - sorry for the late reply. I’ve been popping on and off the forums as we work through some bugs and requests from this newest release.

No need to apologize for telling us what you’re looking for - that is one of the main reasons we opened the forums. I really appreciate knowing what you all want out of Mylio - it helps guide our vision. Truly.

As for your list of requests, these are all totally valid requests and there isn’t anything on this list that we have not discussed, want to do, and have on a list somewhere. Well, with the exception of one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We are certainly working in tandem on a multitude of new features for Mylio as well as working really hard on making the app easier to use and friendlier for new comers. Our OCR team was able to make this feature a reality (which has some fringe benefits like auto-classifying pictures of receipts with the document category for our business users) pretty swiftly and it didn’t slow down or derail some of the things you’re looking to have addressed.

I’ll speak to each of your asks now and try to be as candid as possible - I generally stray away from using dates or timeframes since development can change so rapidly but I’ll let you know where things stand today to the best of my ability.

  • Better search: super high on our list. You’re right, we’ve talked about this for a long while. It is coming really soon, we’re hoping to have this available in early 2021. (alright, fine. If all goes well this will be in our first full release of 2021 but remember that things can change!)

  • Smart folders: Yes, smart folders are something we want to do but they are not something we’re actively working on. They are on just about every list of new features I see, we just have not started with them yet.

  • Sharing: Also high on the list. We have a really solid foundational concept and UI work for sharing mostly completed already. It’ll be ready to move into the development cycle soon.

  • Drag out photos: This is actually tougher for us to do than one may think. It is something we’ll do eventually and want to do, but we think we can get more important things done in a shorter timeframe for now. For now, we’re working to make the general export experience faster and easier.

  • Efficient way to use folders: Sounds like you’re interested in a folder tree. Is that right? This is a request we hear every now and again. We’re not specifically looking at this but the concept of folders being easier to manage is on my personal list as a work item for Q1 2021 - though I’m not sure exactly how that manifests. I may pick your brain on this if you’re available :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Usable import from iOS photos: This is the one that we’re not specifically talking about. This is actually the first I’ve heard of this exact problem. It sounds like you are interested in importing specific albums from Photos, is that right? Or maybe excluding specific albums? We’re doing some work in this area soon, I’ll see what our options are.

  • Efficient SD-Card/Camera import: The Files app opens a lot of opportunities for Mylio, we all recognize that. Integrating with Files is really interesting but not trivial - though, like most of these requests, this is on a list and something we want to do.

  • Extensions/API availability: I’ll be straight with you on this one: if we did something like this I think it would be a long way off. Certainly not a “no”, but I think we have many things we would do before getting to this point.

I hope this helps clear some fog around what we’re working on and where we are with some of these essential features. The good news is that we’re very closely aligned in our vision for Mylio - and the better news is is that many of these are actively being worked on.

Let me know what clarification I can offer.

(oh, and PS, thanks for being an active forum member and helping our team know what you want out of Mylio. It means a lot to me and I know it does to the rest of our team as well.)