Mylio version 3.14

Just released is our latest iteration of Mylio including new search functionality and an incredible new Dashboard view to make managing everything Mylio even easier. Possibly even more exciting is another round of camera updates with 47 new cameras added today!


Wow that dashboard is a great addition and I love the new search!! Well done everybody.
I like the new “Actions” tab in the dashboard. There could be additions, like adding dates to undated photos (or dates set on 1 Jan 1904, as I have a few)… or checking duplicates when that functionality will exist :wink:


It’s looking really good - but it can still get better - the changelog shows

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t tag “other people” on a video, previously required selecting 2 or more

But this issue still affects still images - ‘other people’ needs more than one image selected to become active :frowning:

I want to add that I am really very happy with this release so far - well done, team!!

Hi @aearenda

The general hope here is that people will use face tagging/manual tags if there is only one image to be tagged since that data is stored in industry-standard face rec tags tied to an actual location of a photo.

Can you tell me a bit more about your use case where manual tags are not ideal for you?

Thanks as always :slight_smile:

Actually, I think my use case has just evaporated!

I have used ‘fake people’ to set contexts (which family are we with, or what trip are we on, for example) that can be filtered for, since keywords could not be filtered on - until now. Every image was given a context when setting all the other metadata, from the Info pane, without going in to face tagging - indeed, there may be nobody from that family in that image, but that visit is still the context.

Since I also duplicate the ‘context’ as a keyword that is visible in other apps I export to for other people, the new custom filter means I can drop those ‘fake people’, and just use that keyword myself - so this release has met my original need, instead of my adaption! Well done :smiley:

Also: I have used categories to give me views on recent time intervals that the Date filter didn’t cater for in the past. I think this release has just made that adaption redundant too! :grin:


Great update and the new searching options are fantastic. Have started trying out a few and probably am only scraping the surface of what is now easily possible, but works exceptionally well.


@aearenda - This makes me so happy to hear! Hooray!

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Fantastic update! Can’t wait to investigate the search options. Just tried “Byron and Andy” (ie me and my grandson). That’s the one I’ve been waiting for!


I don’t like to keep reporting bad things, but the new release doesn’t seem to notice external changes in folders so quickly - such as a _display version being added by an external editor. It may be because my setup is weird. Is anyone else seeing this?

UPDATE: I don’t see this delay on my backup system, which has the Mylio folder on the internal system drive. My main computer has the Mylio folder on the second internal (rotating) drive, and if I add a source folder on the first internal drive (a small SSD), changes there are noticed quickly. There are other external drives as well, one of which has my home folder. I have long suspected that this setup confuses Mylio’s folder watching somehow. This is all speculation at the moment, things may settle down.

Anyone still on Mac OS 10.13 tried to do the update? Is it really 10.14 as the new minimum? That would be really bad for me especially since Mylio sent me a notification in November 2020 when I was still running Mylio on 10.12 on one of my machines that 10.13 would be required with the 3.14 update. 10.13 is really the end of the line for the machine in question and it’s an essential machine for me as it’s the one that connects via lan to my main storage NAS.

I really hope they didn’t skip 10.13 as it means I’d be unable to update. And I really don’t have the time right now (nor the money / willingness) to try to scramble for some other solution at the last minute.


I use the other-people option in my importing workflow, as I always put those tags on any photo or video before starting face recognition. If Mylio detects faces, those persons get moved to “known people”, every not detected person stays in “other people”. By this I don’t miss any person, face recognition does not catch.

I don’t use manual face tags because that takes too much time. With other-people I can just select any photo in the thumbnail view and add this tag to dozens of pictures at once. (and in my personal view “face tag” means you can see a person’s face, which is mostly not the case for “other people”)

It would be great, if Mylio would let me add “other people” to single photos!

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Hi @DrNipkow - thank you for the workflow outline! This is really helpful in understanding how this feature is utilized.

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Hi @rain - thanks for posting about this and we’re sorry for the confusion about minimum OS support. It is true that the newest version of Mylio requires macOS 10.14. You won’t be able to update to/open Mylio 3.14 on earlier versions of macOS.

However, Mylio 3.14 will continue to sync and work with Mylio 3.13, just without the newest feature set, so your setup should be fine.

Periodically we do have to update Mylio in a way that prevents the newest version from syncing with older versions, so it is best to begin making plans for that inevitability.

Again we apologize for the confusion. Hopefully this helps.

Hi @Mylio_Matt: I am in the same situation as @rain. My primary machine which contains the Mylio Vault is on MacOs 10.13 so I am unable to update to the the latest mylio version.

However if I understood correctly it should be ok to update all my mobile devices on iOS and Android to the latest version of mylio and syncing should still work with my macOS 10.13 machine - at least for now, correct?

Hi @gefu - yes! That is correct :slight_smile: Your devices running the newest version of Mylio will continue to sync (for now) with the previous version of Mylio!

Hi @aearenda

Just checking in on this updating issue. This one may be worth reaching out to support ( about directly so we can talk about your setup in-depth and figure out what is going on (especially since it sounds like this is an issue you’re hitting in the new version of Mylio that you were not hitting before).

I have been in touch in the past about it - but I will do so again in a few days, if it continues - I have made a couple of changes today to see what happens. Thanks!

UPDATE: It does seem to be caused by my main computer’s weird setup (it has what came as a fusion drive, but I soon split it into a small SSD for the operating system and apps, a large HDD for photos and other data, and put my home folder on a fast external SSD. With Mylio’s library on the internal SSD in almost-all-thumbnail mode, the problem went away.)

Hi there, I’m in a similar situation in that I am needing sync to continue to work on my macOS10.13 machine for a while yet. The situation is that I have a faithful old iMac (2009) pending being put down. It holds a lifetime of photos in Apple Photos libraries. I have a new Mac Mini M1 - fantastic speed etc etc. I had hoped to upgrade all the libraries on the Mac Mini, then progressively migrate all photos to Mylio. HOWEVER all the bugs introduced in Catalina are still in Big Sur with a few more new ones to go with them so I’ve decided it is more stable to export from High Sierra version than the later ones.

Prior to Catalina (used on my laptop with some other Photos libraries) I had never experienced problems with iPhoto/Photos upgrades (other than waiting for several releases before finally cutting over to Photos) but the recent bugginess has become very frustrating and the main reason why this long-time faithful Apple user is now walking away from Photos.

Back to the situation. My process to transfer to Mylio on the old iMac is to export blocks of photos (largely periods of time) into a source folder, let them sync up, then go through them to check any issues, add extra info where applicable and manage into the folder structure etc. This is likely to take a few months.

So… the question is - is there a likely timeframe when the new version WON’T sync with 3.13 for planning purposes. A month, a quarter, a year?? And if you don’t know yet, will there be plenty of warning?

A very valid question that there isn’t a straightforward answer to.

At this time we have no plans for a version of Mylio that won’t sync with previous versions. Unfortunately, we sometimes discover that something we are working on requires this type of upgrade during the development process - so it isn’t always planned.

As far as notice goes, I’ll work with our support team to send an email to those impacted by a breaking change (those with 10.13 machines and earlier) if at all possible. Again, because of the nature of how these things happen, it may not be 100% feasible to do this, but I will absolutely do my best.

It may also be worth noting that Mylio on desktop devices does not auto-update, we alert you of an update and ask for you to install it. So, you can always check the forums or What’s New page to see if the change will stop syncing before installing. Since iOS and Android devices do auto-update (via an App Store / Play Store setting) it may be worth turning off auto-updates on mobile devices for the time being just to be safe until your project is done. Or, if it does auto-update, it doesn’t seem like it would interrupt your export from Photos project, but it may be annoying that your iOS/Android devices don’t sync :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback on this. Having been alerted to the risk I’ll certainly keep an eye on future releases and avoid the problem if at all possible. I don’t have auto-update on phones etc but tend to update new releases in a batch and could easily overlook to avoid the Mylio one.

Best thing for me will be to get my skates on and get the job finished before too long…