Mylio Version 3.8

Updated: April 2nd, 2020

Version: 3.8
Mac Build: 6646
Windows Build: 6646
iOS Build: 6646
Android Build: 6646

All comments regarding the update of Mylio can be placed below


Thanks for the release.
I was trying my luck with categories.
Assigning them to folders is straightforward.
Being able to filter them I also have found.
Is it possible, that the function is not complete in the Calendar view?

Here is what I see in the Calendar settings:

And this is from the Mylio support pages (the search found this page):

I can’t seem to set the Calendar view to not show some categories.

Thanks for the callout, looks like that page did not get the update with the new Calendar settings. I just need to push the new page with the updated info. That should be addressed later today.

Categories have their own settings now found in Settings-> General-> Categories.

Showing/hiding categories in Calendar view can now be done using the filter bar.

I would have liked an option to not display specific categories in the Calendar view by default.
For example: Stacks for HDR or Panoramas, Photos from the construction works of my house (which I want in Mylio, but don’t want to see everytime)
This way it is not possible, only by setting them as “Don’t show in Calendar”, but I am not able to filter them.

Congratulation on the new release.

The integration you have done with Photos is awesome. Great work.

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A lot of great stuff in the new update, thanks!
I’m trying to see for I can best use categories and I noticed that albums didn’t get them or am I missing something?
I’m really hoping that there’s a way as this would provide a way to easily see of a photo is already in an album.

For example having an album called birthday that contains the name of people that I use to tag their birthday photos as subalbums. With the inherited feature of categories I would then be able to see at a glance if a given photo was already tagged for a birthday.

Keep up the great work!

Correct, Albums don’t have them yet.

I recommend starting a Feature Request and we can see how much interest there is.

Will the new Photos support work when you have iCloud Photo Library enabled on multiple devices?

Thanks Deon, I added a feature request.

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I am a long time Mylio user, and continue to use it for these reasons:

  • Access to all photos on all devices
  • Sync between devices without the need for a cloud service
  • Fast performance
  • Ease of doing quick searches for photos
  • Ability to edit important metadata on any device
  • The ability to lock Mylio into “guest” mode
  • Good UI
  • My photos are my photos and not locked into a database

At this point, no other tool can match Mylio on those fronts, but there seems to be a lack of product evolution. For example, the enhanced category functionality is not terribly beneficial for me. I’d rather see more requested functionality like keyword management added—which would provide the same power as the category feature without being a Mylio-only function—or the return of the older Event display style, which was searchable and could be managed in a way the current calendar view can’t match.

There are also lingering UI issues that have been around for at least two years, and, as other have mentioned, concerns with how Mylio doesn’t always update its XMP files when changes are made to the original file.

The core functionality that drew me to Mylio is still present—and that’s a great thing!—but outside of the excellent map view change and some UI updates I don’t feel like there has been much product growth. I still need to use other apps for more powerful keyword management, robust GPS updates, complex searches, etc. I don’t want Mylio to become a bloated mess full of mediocre features in order to “check the boxes,” but some things like smart groups would seem to fit in with the scope of the product.

I hope these comments will be taken as constructive criticism from someone who wants to see Mylio thrive. Thanks for listening.


So I tested the categories function a bit more. One thing I noticed that makes this a bit prone to error when assigning categories in bulk is the fact that if you have multiple photos selected and only one has a certain category applied, the UI makes you think that all photos already have that category applied.

And you’re unable to actually apply that category to the photos selected that don’t have it unless I’m missing something. It seems you first have to uncheck the category to remove it from that one photo that has it to then be able to apply it to all selected photos.

This should be a single step to where the checkbox for a category knows 3 states - not checked, checked (for all selected items) and partially checked (not all selected items have the category applied - and clicking on the checkbox would toggle to the checked state for all selected items).

I’d also like to see an option to disable the confirmation dialog each time you’re applying categories in bulk. In my opinion it’s not a destructive / dangerous feature that I need to confirm this each time.

Oh and a curiosity I ran into was on my iPad in airplane mode with WiFi disabled the category feature refuses to work - it states “you must be online to add, remove or edit categories”. That seems random as I can basically bulk delete, rename, move etc. all items in my catalog while being offline on a device and that change would then sync to all other devices when connected. However, I’m unable to categorize while offline?

I’m hoping these are simple changes that can be included for the next update.


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Agreed on the UI behavior. I’ll let the owner know. Thanks.

On the “online” only edit. This one you can blame me directly for :). Currently you can apply categories to Media or Folders while you’re offline, you just can’t modify the list of categories itself.

There’s a long complicated performance reason behind that has to do with the way they’re being kept in sync across devices (which is different from how other things in Mylio are synced). Reason is that Categories are intended to be a very high performance feature and scale to millions of pictures in sub-second response time. That’s why they’re not quite as flexible as e.g. keywords, but that’s why they can be used in filters without creating performance overhead.

As you mentioned, I figured this would be a curiosity and not create an undue burden for most people to have to be online to modify the category list. There can only be 50 of them after all so this isn’t something you are likely to edit all the time. But please correct me if I was mistaken, and this makes it particularly unusable?

Do feel free to add this as a feature request though. It would be very expensive for us to implement in a performant way without doing the internet-based sync. Unless this breaks a major scenario, I would prefer to prioritize things that are a bit more impactful right now, e.g. improved search.

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Thanks for the quick reply and for passing the category UI behavior I reported on.
In regards to the online edit requirement, I have to apologize as you’re right that it’s possible to apply categories to items while offline. When testing this for some reason I had happened to tap on the pencil to try to get the change I made applied.

I think I can it’ll be fine for me to not be able to edit the list of categories offline. I appreciate the detailed explanation on why that would be very complicated to do and am looking forward to be seeing the results of your work on the improved search!

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What is the difference between the new importing Apple Photos feature added and the current feature to link to a camera roll on an iPad / Iphone?

In my experimentation, it seems as if Apple Photos and the folder within that are kind of virtual - I can’t download the original or show in finder for example. However, I could export an original. There is no option like mobile devices to free up space in macOS photos.

And it looks like deleting a photo on the Mac Photos does not remove it from Mylio, even when the Photos Recently Deleted is emptied. That seems to leave a phantom.

It also sees additions to the Photos Photo Stream. I don’t yet see how the macOS version interacts with mobile Mylio libraries.


Thanks! I’ll keep my workflow as is, using the ipad to import photo stream photos… Works well for me especially when traveling and wanting to import GoPro photos / videos (which are copied to the ipad photos library).