Mylio won't close on Win10 laptop

I can’t get Mylio to close cleanly on my windows laptop. It gets hung every time I close it, and the only way I can reopen it (even days later) is by finding it in Task Manager & ending the task. (It’s usually there twice, with only 1 of them appearing active.) Then I can open it.

Since I’m completely uncomfortable with this computer, it could very well be user error. I set ‘Exit app on close’ because it was getting so hot overnight, when I thought I had closed it. But while Mylio still thinks it has lots of stuff to do, I’m convinced it isn’t going to do any of it. It doesn’t even seem to be using much resources anymore. But it still won’t close.

A couple possible issues:

  1. I had an external drive connected for a while. But it won’t let me properly eject it, which has already caused me problems, so I want to only use that with my Apple. But lately I’ve spent more time on this computer.

  2. I also tried to import pictures from a camera card. When that did nothing, I copied them to the hard drive and tried again from there. Still nothing.

I think the problem started before either of those events, but I can’t be sure. Any ideas?

The two instances of Mylio showing in your Task Manager is odd. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? The application itself is separate from your photos and catalog, so reinstalling will not affect any of your data.

Quit Mylio on your computer and then open the Windows Start Menu. Select Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Find Mylio in your list of apps and select “Uninstall”.

After it is uninstalled, open the Start Menu again and search for “Mylio” to ensure there isn’t another instance of the app on your computer.

Then re-download and install Mylio from our website:

If you’re still having trouble, please reproduce the issue and then and then send log files (via a support ticket) from your computer. You can do this from within Mylio by opening the View Menu (the three vertical dots in the top-right) and selecting Help → Contact Mylio Support. Type in a subject and click “Upload”.