Mylio X Google Drive Options N Auto Optimize Optimization

Hi Everyone,
Currently i use Mylio on mobile and laptop, on mobile I use Auto optimized and I had a few questions.

  1. I store the Thumbnails on my SD card and lets it use 90 % of the card, but still it uses 30 % of it, can I make it save better quality versions and use more space on card?
  2. Now that i only have thumbnails on mobile, i would like to have Sync On demand option even when I’m not home, using cellular, if I make Google Drive as an encrypted vault, will it let me to export full size file at all time?

Yes, go to Device Sync Policy Settings for your device. Change it from Auto-Optimized to Thumbnails. Then click on Show Customizations. Here you can explicitly choose the criteria determining which [P]reviews and [O]riginals to sync in addition to thumbnails. I use this on my iPhone - in addition to syncing all Thumbnails, I have it set to sync Previews for 3-star & higher photos.

  1. Now that i only have thumbnails on mobile, i would like to have Sync On demand option even when I’m not home, using cellular, if I make Google Drive as an encrypted vault, will it let me to export full size file at all time?

Yes, it should work. Sync on Demand will automatically fetch Previews when you open any of the thumbnail images on your phone. If Google Drive is the only available Mylio device, then that’s where it should fetch them from. For Originals, you need to choose “Download Original” from the action menu of a selected photo or folder.

I thought that auto oprimized option is more dynamic - thought it would change the file size by the space it has and will let me have the image quality best i can have in this file size.

Do you know how fast is it? is there any delay? is there any differences by the cloud host i choose??

It’s not “dynamically” adjusting image size - if that’s what you mean. There are only 2 fixed image sizes involved here: Thumbnails and Previews. The Auto-Optimized setting just lets Mylio control the mixture of the two. Mylio decides which images to sync both Previews & Thumbs, vs. which images to sync Thumbs-only - while keeping in mind the storage limit you’ve set.

I don’t know what “rules” Mylio uses to auto-optimize this mix of Previews/Thumbs. But as I mentioned, you can control the Preview/Thumbs/Originals mixture yourself explicitly by choosing Thumbnails plus Show Customizations.

I’ve only used Amazon cloud with Mylio, and it’s obviously much slower than my fast local network devices. Mainly because this only happens when I’m on cellular with no access to my fast home network.

i have synced my google drive to Mylio and still it doesn’t sync on demand on original size, it seems that only preview is available, how do i make it sync on original view

Sync on Demand is only for Previews, by definition. Instead, select photo(s), tap the Actions Menu icon (lower right), and choose Download Original(s).

EDIT: fixed link to Sync on Demand topic.

I really dont get what Download Original(s). button does. it seems like I’m pressings it and nothing happens

This will retrieve the full-resolution original photo for Mylio to view & edit (where normally you’d only have a Thumb or Preview on your device). It will be “cached” temporarily on your device, and removed when space is needed (or you choose to manually clear your cache).

If it appears nothing is happening, perhaps the original file is already cached on your device?

it might be but i dont see an improve of the resolution and this button does not disappear.
what should i do to save to gallery a full size image?

What do you mean by “gallery”? Are you trying to export a full-size image?

Note that it could take a while - like several minutes - for the Original download to happen over cellular to your mobile device. I just tested this with Amazon Drive (not Google) but it should work similarly:

  • turned off WiFi on my iPhone (cellular only)
  • force-closed Mylio on my Windows computers (to ensure that Amazon is my only “online” instance of a Mylio device that is reachable by my phone)
  • selected a photo on my iPhone that is stored as a Thumbnail, but the Original is synced to Amazon.
  • chose “Download Originals”

It took about 3-4 minutes, but eventually the Original appeared in Mylio on my iPhone at full resolution. Choosing “Info” panel confirms this is now an Original: Raw being displayed in Mylio, even though this photo’s Sync Policy is still set to (T)humbnail.

Now if I want to Export this Original image from my iPhone, I can choose the Share icon. HOWEVER note that on iOS and Android, Mylio is limited by the operating system - and may only be able to export a JPEG, not RAW file (should still be full-resolution, though).

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Actually this experiment worked and helped me , thanks!
Last thing, I use Samsung Android and I want to show some of the original size JPEGs on the Phone gallert - where all photos are shown, so I can edit it or show it quick, even though its cache, how to i do that?

Hi @Ohad!

You can export the original image on a mobile device by…

  1. Make sure the Samsung phone has the original image(s). It seems like you’re confident in that process from your last post.
  2. In your Mylio settings on your Android, select “Export & Sharing”
  3. Change the FILE TYPE to “Unmodified Original”
  4. Select the files you want to export, select the export arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the destination you want to export to. The gallery should be one.

Note that if you don’t have an original on the device and try to export it while “Unmodified Original” is your export type you’ll get an error saying that you don’t have the original.

I hope this helps!

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@Mylio_Matt Thanks!
I followed the instructions but there is not Gallery option in the share menu…

Hi @Ohad - thanks for letting me know. Do you have the option to save to the Pictures folder? If not, you may need to install a file browser app that gives other apps access to the Pictures folder.

If you save the image in the Pictures folder the Gallery should pick it up automatically. You could also save it to the DCIM folder or any folder that the Gallery is representing.

no option to save to Picture folder.
I use the phone original file browser
what should i do?