Need clarification on photos limits

What kind of files does Mylio count as photo limits (25,000)? Is it just original photo files (jpg, heic, raw, nef, arw, raf)? What about music, video, Word, Excel and non-original photo files? Are they counted toward the limits?

For instance, if I have 5,000 original files stored in each 3 vaults (NAS + 2 HDDs), a total of 15,000 original files) and 10,000 non-original files in 2 PCs, am I reaching the 25,000 limits already?


Not sure what you mean by “non-original files”?

Someone from Mylio should confirm, but I’m pretty sure it’s 25,000 unique entries in your library catalog. Each unique photo would have one catalog entry. Copies that Mylio has synced to multiple devices would still only be counted once. If you choose All Photos view, the Info tab should show your total number of catalog entries:


Or you can look in Dashboard -> Library Stats -> Library.

Non-photo files (which Mylio considers either “documents” or “videos”) would count the same as photo files. I actually wasn’t aware Mylio will import & sync music files - is that true?

Regarding “non-original files”, I was referring to thumbnail & preview files, they’re of lower quality than originals. Before you replied to my question, I was wondering if they were counted toward the 25,000 photo limits as well, if so, then perhaps I should limit my “non-original” devices from 2 computers to 1. However since you mentioned that Mylio only considered “unique entries” toward the 25,000 photo limits, my next question would be:

  1. How does Mylio checks for uniqueness? Aside from filename, does it also use date/time?

  2. Does Mylio considered this as 1 entry or 2? It’s same picture but on my camera, I have 2 SD slots, one stores the picture in raw format, and the other in jpeg format.


  1. What if the camera reset the number and IMG_1234.NEF/JPG is now a different picture taken with different date/time, would Mylio count this as same file as #2 or different?

Regarding non-photo files, Mylio did copy all of them from to my NAS because I accidentally point Mylio to a wrong folder D:\Users\Michael (which contains other non-photo folders like music, videos, docs, ringtones, docs, favorites, etc.). I should have pointed Mylio to D:\Users\Michael\photos folder. Eventually I got an error “Import Limit Reached”. I do not know if Mylio counts these non-photo files toward the 25,000 limits or not.


Not sure about Mylio’s precise rules for uniqueness - but basically each “master” file that’s imported into your Mylio library counts as one.

In the second case, those would definitely be 2 unique image files. You’re importing two completely different files from different locations, even if the subject matter happens to be identical.

Thumbs, Previews, and synced Original copies would not count. Those are all created by Mylio from the same unique “master” file.

I was under the impression that Mylio is able to stack RAW+JPG files and would consider the picture as 1 media file (no matter if each picture was saved on different slots on the camera). What if I configured both RAW + JPG files to be saved on same slot (slot 1) on my camera, and use slot 2 for video files, will that make Mylio counts them as 1 media file? Were you assuming that I’m not using SD Card import option? What if I have both RAW+JPG on same folder on my external drive, and use “Add without moving” import option, would Mylio still consider them 2 separate media files or 1? Thanks.

If they were shot as RAW + JPEG on the same card - then yes, I think Mylio will group them together upon import.

But one of your posts said that RAW was on one card, and JPEG on another. And I think Mylio would consider those different photos in that case. But I don’t know for sure.

The only reason why I do not save RAW & JPG on same SD card is because if one card failed, I still have another copy. Regardless how you import them into the Mylio library (either using Copy, External Drive, or Camera/SD Card), I think Mylio will stack the 2 photos and consider them as 1 media file, because both files are exactly the same picture and also have same creation date/time.

Who could verify that? Do you have access to any Mylio developers? Thanks.

By the way they have a typo on the Plans page, it says 5,000 pictures but surely it’s supposed to be 25,000… right?

In today’s webinar, JC confirmed the new changes, Free Plan photo limit is now 5,000 (was 25,000) and Seagate Create Complimentary Plan is now 25,000 (was 50,000).

They still haven’t updated the Seagate offer page yet.

Not sure what happen to people who signed up before the new changes.

I’m thinking that if you do TWO separate Mylio import sessions (one for each card) then they won’t be grouped. But I haven’t tried it.

I know if both RAW and JPEG files are already in the same folder - with the same base file name - then Mylio should group them into a “bundle” automatically upon import.

Wow that’s a big downgrade for the free plans. I guess my sister won’t be trying Mylio after all…

I got a reply from Mylio Support, if you have signed for Mylio Create Plan prior to the change, your limit won’t be affected until it expired, you still have 50,000 photo limit. Not sure about the Free Plan.