Need some help to start

Hey Mylio Community

After using Apple Photos, Flickr and many other photo organize apps, I would like to change to Mylio.

Perhaps you can help me. Here is my idea how I want to set up this:

I will buy a NAS


  • Synology Diskstation DS720+ 24TB or
  • Synology DiskStation DS920+ 24TB or
  • DiskStation DS420j 24TB

and put all my photos in different folders there.
? What about this “Mylio Pictures folder” ? Will it be created on my NAS?
? And other ideas regarding the NAS system ?

How do I set up a source folder, my NAS (I don’t want to import and duplicate photos)?

Please allow me some general questions:

  • For example: I will create a folder “Import” on NAS where all new photos will be imported. Can I change a photo on Mylio from “Import”-folder to - let’s say - “House”-folder and it will be automatically moved on the NAS from the “Import”-folder to “House”-folder?

  • Can I create folders in Mylio and will they be also created automatically on the NAS?

I have approx. 100.000 photos (600GB) on Flickr. What is the best to do with this photos?

Thanks for our help


NO NAS! I will use a external SSD

Hey there! External hard drives are a bit easier to use with Mylio than a NAS. They provide faster syncing speeds and have the added benefit of being transferrable between any of your computers. If you are not dead set on using a NAS, I think the external SSD is the way to go.

You can add an external hard drive as a device by going to File > Add Device > External Drive. A “Mylio_abc123” folder will be created on the external drive (with the last 6 characters serving as a unique ID). This is the external drive’s Mylio library folder.

Mylio’s Folder View is a direct representation of where your photos are being stored in the file system. Any folders you create inside of Mylio will also be created inside of the Mylio library folder on all of your devices. If you move or delete a photo or folder within Mylio, it will also be moved/deleted in the file system of all of your devices.

The “Mylio Pictures” folder is created for you by default when you first sign in to Mylio. You don’t have to use this folder, but it exists as a starting point if you want to use it.

I suggest downloading all of your photos from Flickr. You can then move them inside of the “Mylio Pictures” folder on your computer or external drive and they will automatically be imported to Mylio.

Dear Michael

Thank you very much for your detailed reply! I will def. go with the external SSD, thanks!

Please allow me some additional questions:

  1. Is it correct, that Mylio will NOT create any duplicates if I set it up like you mentioned? Because I don’t want to have any duplicates, I only want to have my original files.

  2. Can I create a folder, let’s call it “Imports”, inside the folder “Mylio_abc123” where I can import pictures from a camera memory card?

  3. Is it correct that I can create as much folders as I want inside "Mylio_abc123” (e.g. “dogs”, “houses” etc)?

  4. Can I create folders on my external SSD and will they appear in Mylio? Can I create folder in Mylio and will the appear on the external SSD?

  5. Is it correct using this
    Importing from an External Drive - Mylio > “Add without moving” correct?

Mylio is designed to synchronize all of your photos across all of your devices. Each device on your account will have a Mylio library folder. This is where your photos are located. To save space on devices with limited storage (such as phones, tablets, or computers), you can choose to have Mylio store “optimized” versions of your photos on your internal drive, while your full-size originals are located on your external drive. You can learn more about this in the following guide under “Photo Quality Basics”: Understanding Syncing with Mylio - Mylio

Any folders you create in Mylio will also appear in the file system on all of your devices (inside of the Mylio library folder). You can also create folders in the file system and they will be created within Mylio. The caveat here is that Mylio does not monitor the “Mylio” or “Mylio_abc123” folder itself…only the folders inside of it. For example, if you open the Mylio Pictures folder on your external drive, you can create a bunch of subfolders and they will appear in Mylio. If you want to create a new “top-level” folder, it must be created within Mylio.

Any photos that you add to a folder in the file system that is being watched by Mylio will automatically be detected and imported.

Mylio has a limit of 200 “top-level” folders and 131,072 subfolders.

Yes, this is a good way to import photos that are currently on an external hard drive. When you use this method, Mylio will import your selected folders, but will not move them inside of the “Mylio_abc123” folder on the external drive. Instead, they will be monitored in their current location. The folders will still sync into the Mylio library folders on your other devices.

This just comes down to personal preference. Some people have an existing workflow and don’t want their folders to be moved. Others want everything to be organized within the “Mylio_abc123” folder. If you do want everything to be housed within the “Mylio_abc123” folder on your external drive, you can add it as a device first (File > Add Device > External Drive), then move your folders inside of the Mylio Pictures folder (or another one of your top-level folders).