Nested albuns request

I would like to ask if nested albuns is something on the near future pipeline. I think that as they are today we can only have flat, independent albuns and not hierarchical, albuns within albuns, but as a new user I can be wrong.
Thank you for your attention.

Dear @Artur_Neves_Nunes ,

Could you please explain a little further what you mean, because I just added pictures to an album that is within a different album - so for now I would say that it is possible.
Thank you for getting back on this issue,


Nested Albums is supported in Mylio. From the documentation web site ( Understanding Album View - Mylio )

Albums in Albums

Albums, much like folders, can be nested into each other to make a tree of related albums. For instance, you can have an album called Holidays with different albums inside consisting of many different holiday albums.

To add an album to an album, you can drag an already created into another album to nest it. You can also use the plus sign at the bottom of the center panel within an album to make a new album within your already opened album.

Thank you all for your quick reply, as a new user I read somewhere (in a dated, old review? perhaps) that nested albuns were not possible, and didn’t read your updated documentation enough. Very pleased with the software and more so with your support. All is well then! Cheers.