Network connection for sync defaults to WiFi even with Ethernet connected (and set as system default)

On my Mac with WiFi and Ethernet via Thunderrbolt plugged in, Mylio does the sync via WiFi even though in the network preferences the Ethernet connection is first and also the console nw command shows my other devices connected via the Ethernet IP address.

I even made sure to close and reopen Mylio after plugging in the Ethernet.

Basically, the only way to ensure that Mylio syncs via Ethernet seems to be to turn OFF WiFi before opening it.

It is supposed to prefer the Ethernet. Is the other device on your Network that you’re syncing with also on Ethernet?

If so, would you mind sending in some logs? Can you perhaps restart Mylio on both devices, then wait until they connect, and then for both devices, please send in a support request with the Subject of:

ForDeon: 901

You can just use the little Gear at the top right of the support options dialog and select both devices.

Both Macs were on Ethernet, but I also had an iPad connected that was obviously on WiFi.

I tried again today, but with no big sync needed to be done, I couldn’t tell where the traffic was going through. So I’ll keep this thread in mind in case I run into this again.

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I just connected my external drive Vault again for the first time and even though I hardwired the Mac and the Ethernet connection is the preferred one, Mylio uses the WiFi connection for syncing. The NW console command states it’s using the Ethernet IP, but it doesn’t.
I restarted Mylio on both and it’s still using WiFi. I sent logs from both machines.