New computer with one-drive sync

I got my wife a new computer. We use Mylio on her pictures folder in OneDrive. On the new computer, those photos will sync so it will have all of her old photos plus her new photos will get pushed to the same OneDrive folder.

How do I install Mylio on the new computer and not have thousands of duplicate photos?

It sounds like you have arrived at an unsupported configuration - see Mylio and Cloud Synchronization Services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box)

Mylio isn’t designed to work directly with images intended to be viewed in OneDrive. It can use OneDrive to protect images, but it needs to be in charge of replication of images that can be viewed, and OneDrive will clash with that, potentially losing images as well as creating duplicates.

I’m pondering how you might get from there to a supported configuration, but that depends on what else is in the Mylio account.

  • Will the old computer be retained?
  • What other devices are known to Mylio in the dashboard (phone/tablet/external drives etc)?
  • How many images are involved?
  • Has much use of categories or albums been made?

Thanks for the reply and that’s what I’m afraid of. To answer your questions:

  • The old computer will not be retained
  • I have another desktop and a vault on an external drive
  • About 25,000 images are involved
  • I’ve made a few albums and categories and I’ve done TONS of facial recognition

I’m thinking I may try to limit Mylio to just the new pictures my wife takes (just use the folder that her phone syncs to OneDrive) and rely on the vault and other desktop to save the pictures we already have.

If your desktop and vault both have all the originals, that simplifies things.
Does your desktop use OneDrive as well?
Does your wife actually use Mylio, or was that there on her computer just to bring her photos into the main collection?

If I understand Mylio correctly, my vault and I think my desktop have all of the originals.

My desktop uses OneDrive as well. My wife and I each use OneDrive to sync our photos to our hard drives. We were using that long before we started using Mylio. I tried to build Mylio on top of that… in retrospect, not the best way.

It seems to have worked for you so far, I assume because your OneDrive setup is using a different account from your wife’s, so there is no sync duplication between the various computers - that is, Mylio and OneDrive do not both try to replicate the same images to the same computers (or at least, they haven’t so far).

If I understand things correctly then…

  • You have both used your own OneDrive accounts to sync phone photos to your respective computers.
  • You have used Mylio to organise these images as a single combined collection synced between the two computers and an external vault.
  • Replacing your wife’s laptop introduces a difficulty, because both Mylio and OneDrive will want to sync the existing photos to the new one.
  • You would prefer to continue using OneDrive rather than Mylio on the phone to collect new images. (Using Mylio on the phone would allow for a supported configuration on the laptop).

If all of this is right, it seems to me that you could separate the Mylio and OneDrive folders on the new laptop, and set OneDrive not to bring the existing images down, leaving it to Mylio to sync what needs to be there of the existing images for your wife’s use. Alternatively, you could set Mylio not to bring previews or originals to the laptop (it always has all thumbnails, but they are tiny), and let OneDrive bring the images instead. The choice between these two would depend on how your wife likes to access the photos on the laptop, either using Mylio or OneDrive, but not both.

Once all that is done, it seems to me that you could add the folder in OneDrive where new phone images turn up as an extra source folder in Mylio (if it is presently empty - I’ve assumed you move things elsewhere when they have been tagged, but if not then this won’t work), so that new phone images are added automatically, as you suggested above. This is unsupported as far as I can tell (I’m just another user of Mylio), but it would be no different from what has been happening before in your setup, where it seems to work because there is no duplication of replication - Mylio and OneDrive never end up arguing, as it were.

If it were me, I would take the external vault offline while doing any of this, so there is a copy in case things went wrong! The old laptop can also be left offline and untouched while this all happens.

In the end though, I would prefer to keep things entirely separate and fully supported - probably by using Mylio on the phone to collect new images itself. It would need you to run Mylio every so often on the phone so it would sync. Failing that, I would arrange an automated process on the relevant computer (such as a script file that runs in the background every so often) that picked up new images from OneDrive and moved them into Mylio’s Inbox or somewhere similar, so avoiding any possible clash over the managed folders between Mylio and OneDrive.

If you want a definitive answer, I suggest you contact Mylio support - they are really helpful, in my experience, and refer to this thread as you ask for their recommendation.

Thanks so much for your help aearenda! I’m going to follow your advice and get Mylio onto a supported configuration. That will work best.

So, here’s what I’ve done.

I installed the Mylio app on my wife’s phone - that’s where all her new pictures will come from. Then I just deregistered her old computer as all the photos there will be in the vault.
I spoke with my wife and she said she doesn’t need Mylio on her new laptop so I’m going to leave it like that.
The next step would be to stop syncing OneDrive on my desktop and put the Mylio app on my phone. Then all of my new pictures will sync and I won’t have Mylio hooked to OneDrive any more.
So far the only drawback is that Mylio didn’t recognize duplicates so I have a bunch of duplicated pictures from my wife’s phone that I need to clean out.