New Setup Advice 1.8TB of Photos currently on NAS

Hello all,

I’ve used Mylio for some little things on my local computer in the past. Now I’m starting from scratch and have a Synology NAS that has 1.8TB of photos and videos. I have multiple OneDrive accounts and Multiple Google Drive Accounts available in addition to a 500GB USB attached Hard Drive. I have a iMac Pro with only 1TB hard drive with about 150GB free.

I’m reading various issues with the NAS setups… Can anyone offer what they believe would be a solid strategy using Mylio with the resources I have? I would be very grateful if one of you experienced Mylio users would offer some suggestions as my families everything is stored on the NAS.

Thank you very much.

Seems to me your biggest challenge will be having enough “local” storage for all your photos. I assume the 1.8 TB on the NAS are your primary master image files?

My initial thought would be to add the NAS directory as a Source Folder - but Mylio warns against trying to use NAS as a Source Folder ( Personally, I have a few Source Folders located on a NAS (family photos scanned with a shared scanner on my network) - and they seem to work OK. But the bulk of my (300K) photos are in Source Folders on a locally-attached drive array on my main PC.

I haven’t experienced problems myself with Source Folders on a NAS, but since Mylio warns against doing this - it seems best to have your “master” copies on direct-attached “local” storage.

What’s the distribution of Videos vs Photos on your NAS? Meaning how much storage each media type is consuming out of the 1.8TB?

I’m guessing 3/4 of the space is actually videos.

I do want to have access to both video and pictures… Some folders they are separate and some they are mixed and from camera’s that also take video…

What impact would that have?

Also, thank you for caring to help me.

Just sharing my own personal suggestion and experience.
I had a NAS for quite some time as a source folder/vault defined in Mylio. overall works fine as long as you keep the few items into account:
(in the meantime is stopped using my NAS with Mylio)

  1. The NAS will AWLAYS belong to the one and only one same Mylio host, so files can only be added by Mylio to the NAS from one specific computer.
  2. You need to make sure that the NAS/network drive gets connected/visible to your computer of course otherwise Mylio will see him offline.
  3. Each time the NAS gets connected Mylio will scan m it again for changes which might be a bit time consuming depending on the speed of network and NAS. (dont hink that changed in the meantime)

What does this mean:

  1. That means that if you want to apply changes or sync new files to/from your NAS it will always have to be done from the one and the same Mylio device. you wont be able to use it from another device/computer even if the network drive is exactly the same. The Mylio host of the NAS needs to be the same. The impact or risk it has, that in case your host computer of the NAS crashes, you lose the Mylio reference/Host to that NAS. So if you want to add it back into your Mylio network from a new computer it will be seen as a new device from scratch so you would import all those images again.
    Compared to a USB device eg. you can disconnect that USB device to any computer with Mylio and it will be recognized. As I experienced once that my home server crashed which was the host to the NAS i dont use that NAS for this purpose anymore. Too cubersome to add it back into the Mylio network with 250K items. (just my personal take)

  2. & 3) If your computer is awlays on or at least the majority of the time and your network drive is awlays connected its probably the least of the problem. Just be aware that in case its not connected, and you want to “quickly” change someting, Once you connect the NAS and Mylio runs it will start background processing to recheck that NAS. you can interrupt it but it will just start over again. It does not prevent you from using Mylio, but your NAS woudl not be in sync fully until that process is also ended.
    So in ase you switch your computer each day or multiple time a day off, i woudl suggest to use something else then NAS, although it works, it woud jsut be scanning your NAS each time you start Mylio over.

My 2 cents.

Im currently using multiple external USB drives, some with RAID 10 protection even, and i can connect them to any device at any time and works like a charm. Its my experience with the crash of the house server that stopped me using the NAS, as mentioned.

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I asked because you can set devices to not sync the videos. In this case, given what you’d like to accomplish, that might not be the best route.

I’d recommend getting a larger external drive. If you purchase a Seagate BackupPlus you can get a free year of Mylio, or a Seagate Photo (Walmart exclusive) gives you three free years of Mylio. With a 2tb version of either of these, you could set it as a vault and import all the media from the NAS, then set the NAS as a secondary Vault after all imports are completed (will require moving the media in the NAS).

Send a note to and they can help you with setup, even if getting a new large enough drive is not an option.


Thank you LucLL. I appreciate you sharing your experience… Have a good day…

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