No longer syncing

My ecosystem is Windows (Vault) and 2 iThings (Auto-optimized).
When I first installed and began using Mylio, the photos, metadata, etc. that I populated in the Vault automatically appeared on iThings, as expected. After a few days, updates no longer sync, iThings show Windows as “offline” and visa versa.

However, the two iThings are visible to each other and will sync.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose and fix?

Some related questions:

Please confirm: When syncing is working normally, it seems in the iThing environment, you must have the app open. Otherwise you must enable “Background App Refresh” for Mylio.

Are there comparable requirements for Windows, e.g., the app must be running, visible, not minimized, etc.? Or is there a separate background process to perform syncing so no need to keep the UI open?

Is there any documentation of how to be sure devices are configured properly (Mylio, Windows, security software, etc.) to ensure syncing stays up and running?

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I am unable to sync between any devices, except for two vaults on the local network. A laptop at another location is offline, as is my phone while connected via cellular. It appears to be an issue with Mylio’s relay service.

Relay service?

I’m not sure what they call it, but Mylio has servers that facilitate connections between devices across the internet. When I checked the console, I see constant errors trying to connect to the cloud service.

By “iThings” I presume you mean iPhone and/or iPad?

Yes, you must have the Mylio app open to be sure that sync will work on those devices. Despite having a “Background App Refresh” setting - this almost never works for very long for Mylio (and many other apps). This seems to be an Apple-imposed limitation on most apps.

On Windows and Mac, there is a General setting called “Exit App on Close”. When this is disabled, Mylio will continue to run in the background even when the app is closed. I can confirm this setting works well on Windows. I used to have Mylio installed on a dedicated PC just for this purpose (always syncing) but since this setting was added last year, I’ve been able to get rid of that machine.

Also, be sure that Mylio is updated to the same version on all devices. Occasionally, a Mylio update will change the database schema, which can prevent older versions from syncing until they are updated to the newer version.

Mylio’s “relay” servers (aka “TURN”) are only needed if a direct peer connection between devices cannot be established across the internet. This will depend on firewall configuration - in particular how NAT traversal is configured. See “TURN” vs “STUN” protocols for internet connections.

EDIT: on further research - these are likely the same server(s), providing both STUN (direct peer connection) and TURN (relayed peer connection). If they’re down, then Mylio devices won’t be able to connect to each other over the Internet (either direct or relayed).

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Console on my desktop is showing regular occurrences of this sequence, which I have not seen before:

Syncing seems to be working between my devices anyway, but they are all local.

Update: I took my phone off Wifi, and made a change - it DID sync successfully over the internet.

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This is the console from my laptop:

As for the vaults, both are able to see each other, though they through similar errors. The vaults are on the same LAN.

I have similar console error messages. Currently, Mylio on my iPhone (cellular only) is not syncing directly over the internet to Mylio on my PC (local network) - only indirectly via Amazon Cloud.

So it seems likely to me these error messages DO indicate that the Mylio app is unable to connect to Mylio’s STUN/TURN server(s). These servers facilitate making a direct peer connection between Mylio devices over the internet (or relaying packets when a direct connection can’t go thru your firewall).

Thank you
Yes iThings = one iPad and one iPhone :slight_smile:
The way things operate as you describe (background refresh, close on exit, etc) are as I expected


As far as versions of an app on iOS…

My iThings are set to auto update apps. So Mylio is as up to date as I know how to do.

It’s at version is 3.12 which matches the App Store.

So your point about ios 14 “aware” makes sense, but I know of no action to take on that.

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That’s the current version of Mylio. And is your Windows version of Mylio also at version 3.12?


I will check versions of win vs ios.

But if different versions is the issue that is a horrible bug. Meaning the software should say “Houston we have a problem”, not hide the issue or just say “the other guy” is offline.

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Confirmed. All versions are the same at 3.12.

@BirdBrain there was another post:

where the user had something similar. He was requested by Support to do a factory reset of his Win Mylio setup. Maybe drastic but maybe check with Support, they identified apparently an issue on how WIn computer.

A general question would be, are the iThings and the win device all on the same wifi?

Yes, all devices the same wifi.

An important reason for me to go with Mylio is to avoid the cloud. So if basic syncing is an on-going issue, will likely go with a different tool.

@BirdBrain Also one of the reasons i changed to Mylio, just because of the local sync functionality across devices. I have 12 devices all synching locally, works fine with a 250K library and multiple people adding from different devices and multiple moves/changes to the media.
I would suggest to reach out to support to investigate whats wrong. Maybe a one time correction/issue and then up to the great life.
I assume you are logged in with the same account on all devices?
The support time is normally very responsive if you write them an email ( or you can raie a ticket as well via the support menu within Mylio, same thing, maybe even better as it also uploads logs then at the same time.

Yes, same account on all devices.
Thank you and have contacted support.

have a great experience with the support. Maybe let us know what it turns out to be. might help others as well maybe.

jsut been thinking, in iOS14 you need to add approvals to allow access to the network. Not something like that that changed, maybe?