Object recognition in pictures

Would be nice if Mylio would be able to have object recognition within pictures. Any chance of getting that one day? Occasionally it would simplify the search for specific pictures.


It would be nice, although I don’t think Mylio should/will turn its attention soon to object recognition.

Most other DAMs use external services from Google, Microsoft or Imagga. You have to send in size reduced copies of your photos and they use cloud resources to process them.

There is one exception I know of, a relatively small company Excire. They have two products capable of some object recognition.
Excire Search is a Lightroom plugin.
Excire Foto is a stand-alone tool (similar to a Mylio without synchronization and face recognition).
The object recognition capabilities are the same.
They are improving with every version and run local ön your computer. They are training their AI at development and it cannot improve through use (unlike face recognition in Mylio).

Visit the companies website, read and watch some videos or download their trial.
What they can do is impressive, but not very useable. And their main profile is this.

Although they have ideas which could change the fotó selection process, e.g. filter for blurry or out of focus images.


@bekesizl thanks for the hint. Looks interesting. might be trying it one day. I noticed it can also write the keywords to xml files, so in theory this would also work in combination with Mylio. WIll try it out one day i think.
You have experience with it (and maybe in combination with Mylio?)

I used the Lightroom plugin from them. It was good for playing, but not much use in real life.
It saves hierarchical keywords, so seeing them in Mylio is not optimal.

I was waiting for their stand-alone version for some time, but it turned out very rudimentary in V1 so I chose IMatch.

@bekesizl thanks for the feedback & suggestion, I would only consider them for automated keyword adding not for anything else. I may give it a try at a moment with their standalone version. still 250K pictures to keyword, so a tool would be helpful, therefore appreciate the suggestion. I was not looking forward doing this manually :slight_smile: therefor i skipped this a lot and kept delaying it :slight_smile: was hoping for some tool/tech stuff to come along one day :slight_smile: and sooner than I would be finished by key-wording it manually :slight_smile: So thanks again for the tip.

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@bekesizl thanks again for the tip. I tried their standalone (trial) version. It works well but its indeed of course a compromise between speed, accuracy and capability. But overall not too bad. will be wondering if i take this compared to nothing at all, as manually keyboarding the pictures im not going to start with anyway with 250K images and counting. I can imagine it to improve overt time so could probably rerun it after a few years to extend. At least it went quite ok, and easy to use.

Apple is doing it locally on iOS and macOS within their Photos app, so it is definetly possible without using an external service. While it doesn’t work 100%, it helps finding pictures. Yes tagging is more specific but it needs a lot of work to keep up with the number of pictures we take these days.

So definitly a usefull feature if Mylio engineers would impelemt it.