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One of the things I kind of miss from Google Photos and perhaps even Facebook (which I rarely use any more) is the flashback to this day X years ago.

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I’m sure you are familiar with the idea. I find as Mylio becomes the single source of my life memories it would be nice to look back in this way. Especially now in Lockdown, more nostalgic to see what we were doing this time last year. Also very good for birthdays and other recurring events. Perhaps incorporated into the calendar view. Maybe there is a little search I can run or script for this, who knows.

While I’m here. Also for me another vote for Smart Albums. This functionality would be the cherry on the top for me. I’m manually creating lots of albums, but I would so much rather have keyword smart albums.

Thanks again and all the very best,

A year ago or so that Flash back was available on the dashboard view in Mylio but has been removed.

Smart albums/folders is a feature request already requested by other users. Suggest you :heart: that Feature Request post to vote for it there.
An alternative to smart albums is that you enter the Search in the search box and you “pin” it in your search. That way you can always click that saved search again and you get the refreshed result in the view window. Here is another post where thats explained:

Her is the link to the feature request: