Online vault sync never finishes

Mylio hangs at 89% syncing online vaults. I don’t have any online vaults. I had set up one but deleted it. Is there a way to stop it from syncing to online vaults?

You can turn off cloud sync in Setting → Sync → Sync with Ckoud services.

That setting has been turned off for months. Weirdly now the activities window shows an empty status bar, so maybe it’s fixed itself. Thanks!

Hi Amy, I’ve had this issue before with sync stuck, and this message too, even though I don’t have an online vault, just a NAS.
What seems to work is to go to the Sync panel, the big bar will say “X files not protected”, and clicking on it will show which pictures are “stuck”. In my case it would usually be a handful of files not syncing to my NAS. The console was showing that the files were already there, but somehow Mylio didn’t like that.
What worked for me was to delete just one of these files, after which Mylio would resume syncing. Then Ctrl-Z to undelete it. Maybe there’s a better way though!

Instead of deleting, I have set the flag on such files, and then undone that, which has the same effect of triggering sync to work and is a little safer :slight_smile:

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Much better indeed!!