Optimize UI to use less CPU when not in use

Leaving the Mylio window open seems to use a lot of CPU even if I don’t do anything with it when a sync is running. Once I minimize Mylio on my Mac OS Mojave, the CPU use goes down right away to a much lower amount and the fans slow down. Closing the Mylio window just leaving the menu icon does have the same effect.

I don’t know what exactly the Mylio UI is doing, but this even happens if I don’t have the sync panel or the activity panel open. And I just tested this with just a folder open that does for sure not get any updates right now.

Even having the sync or activity panel open I wouldn’t expect a heavy CPU use from the UI as it should not be doing extensive work to update that.

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Perhaps Mylio is generating thumbs or previews - to speed up scrolling - when the UI is active? Mine seems to use a bit more GPU when the UI window is open.

While that might be possible, it would mean the thumb/preview caching
would be very inefficient. The photos in the folder other than face
tagging hadn’t been touched in a long time and all thumbs and previews
were long generated. Furthermore I didn’t scroll or change folder for at
least an hour. Other than opening/closing the sync and activity panel
and minimizing/pulling up Mylio I didn’t so much else. Maybe open the
dashboard a few times as well.

But of course Mylio was performing a sync. That’s why I kept an eye on it to
see when it was finished. However minimized the CPU use was cut at least
in half compared to having the Mylio window visible.

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I agree there needs to be some changes (or an option) to change the way the CPU is used by Mylio.

I’m actually having the opposite problem. Leaving Mylio run idle does not seem to use up too much of my CPU, but if I am doing something like importing pictures into Mylio, it maxes out my CPU so bad that I literately can’t do anything else on my system until Mylio is done. I have a top spec, quad core i7 Mac from 2 years ago and Mylio is the only app I have ever used that causes my mac to “beachball” (lock up). Other intensive tasks like rendering a video in iMovie, Handbrake or other photo apps like Aperture and Lightroom do not have this issue even though they are CPU intensive as well. It think Mylio needs to crank down the usage to like 90% to allow some background activity to happen so the system is no chocking for resources. The difference between a 5min import and a 5min and 15sec import is nothing if it means I can keep using my system during that time without it locking up.

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There is an activity panel in the Sync tab. It would be good if it at least used that to tell us what it was doing. I have an uneasy feeling that there’s a background process that is stuck/buggy. But I don’t know.

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Same here.
I’ve got a top-end dell laptop with plenty RAM and free ssd space used for development.
Any sizeable import will make the system barely usable. The activity shows various progressions for a while and then goes empty while Mylio continues to consume the CPU. With big imports, it may take hours before the system cools down. And yet nothing in the activity window.
No other process has been able to slow that machine down that much so far.