Option to store videos (or files over a certain MB size) in different location (for Vaults)

Currently, I am stripping videos out of Mylio and storing them in a different location to be accessed by Plex as videos consume to much core storage in my Mylio main libraries (which are on SSD) as well as leaving unplayable media on optimized libraries where the videos do not sync.

It would be nice to have an option to specify by media type, or file size (ideally both) a secondary library location.

Case Study

I’m looking to buy an Apple Silicon Mac Mini with 512GB storage. This is enough to store original photo content but not videos for which I have several TBs. I would like to keep the photos on the internal storage for fast image processing, face detection etc, and the videos on external multi-TB hard-drives (for which I would define two libraries - similar to a raid 1 setup). In addition I will still have my NAS library for secondary or tertiary copies.

Related to this, it would be nice to have an exclude option in optimized libraries to not include video files, so I do not end up with images that I cannot play.


I don’t know of any way to set a Mylio device to sync ONLY videos - but the opposite can be done, eg a “Vault” that stores everything EXCEPT videos:

Device Sync Policy Settings -> Thumbnail
Show Customizations
Sync All Previews [x]
Sync All Originals [x]
Keep Videos Smaller Than: None

Thank you that is helpful.

Edit: Hang on. That doesn’t work for vaults though. Those settings are only for optimized media. I need this for Vaults.

Yes, that’s my point . You get no options with the “Vault” settings. The “Vault” setting syncs EVERYTHING, period.

I prefer to avoid “Auto-Optimized”, because I want to control the Thumbnail/Preview mixture myself - not let Mylio guess at the mixture. (Note - popular misconception: Mylio does NOT “optimize” or alter the file sizes with this option. It merely auto-selects a mixture of Thumbs + Previews to fit in the specified space).

That’s why I suggest starting with the “Thumbnails” setting - and then adding in whatever Customizations you want. If you add Sync All Previews [x] and Sync All Originals [x] then it is functionally equivalent to a “Vault”. From there you can eliminate videos by setting Keep Videos Smaller Than: None

Unfortunately this is quite possibly the most confusingly-designed dialog in all of Mylio (eg, having to downgrade to “Thumbnails” then add in Customizations to get what you want).

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Note - in the Device Sync Policy Settings dialog, you may have to switch from Simple Settings to Advanced Settings to see all these options.

Oh, I get it now.

Yes I agree that is not intuitive at all!

Thank you.

It is good to see users helping each other in the forums.
What is described above is a good solution to your problem.
A “Vault” is the “we’ll make all your decisions for you and keep it simple” solution, kind of like automatic mode. And, in a vault you can only have all originals so users can’t get into trouble by mistake.

It is also true that the word “optimized” gets overloaded.

Having to go back to Thumbs is less than intuitive. The only “excuse” I can make is that at this point you are venturing into “advanced” territory. The good news is that in that new territory lies a huge amount of flexibility. If you turn on “Tap to Sync” you can set the policy for folders and their subfolders for each machine. So, you can have your M1 have photos but not videos and have another machine that has videos and no photos or any combination.

One last note “no photos” or “no videos” will still mean “Thumbs”. The thumbs take very, very little space, but still give you access to your media.

“The thumbs take very, very little space, but still give you access to your media.”

Not really true for most of my videos. Right now, the originals are on my desktop, and tracked in Mylio since they were imported with “Source Folder.” On My Android, Mylio does present the Thumb. BUT, when I click on a Thumb to view, in almost every case, Mylio returns a message “Video Unavailable”. This is so despite the fact that both my Vaults [Desktop and attached portable] ARE available. The problem seems to be file size: the 3 smallest video files are under 40mb; the remainder, which will not come over to play, vary from 60 mb to almost 4gb. There is space on both my Android internal or Android SD to handle a cache for even the largest to be made available. I have not been able to see anywhere in the Help or Community where this has been encountered or solved.

I hope someone can suggest a means to get the actual video available on Android when I want to view it. Otherwise, not much point in trying to track Video anywhere in Mylio, since I already have to track and edit it in Video Editing software anyway?


May I follow up here: The solution above does NOT work.

If I change a vault to auto-optimized and choose “Sync all Previews”= On and “Sync All Originals”= On, the option to disable videos is greyed out and unavailable.

If I choose Sync All Originals, it also means it syncs all original VIDEOS, right? But that’s what I want to avoid here…

Yes, we discovered this during the discussion on another similar thread very recently. I’m not sure if this is a recent change, or whether Mylio has always disabled the “Keep…” sliders when your choose All Originals.

The workaround is to place some type of tag on your Photos (keyword, color label or star rating) to differentiate them from Videos. Then you can set a custom device sync quality that includes only those tagged items (eg, excludes Videos).