Organize options are greyed out

title sums it up. the only options there is scan for changes, nothing else is there to be clicked.

What version of Mylio? Windows? iPhone? Mac? Android?

I’m on windows10

Have you selected photo(s) or a folder to be organized? It sounds like maybe you have nothing selected currently.

wow. Lol, I was at calendar view trying to. Ugh, such a noob I am.

Is there anyway to organize it by the people which it just sorted them in tho?

Not sure what you mean - something besides clicking on the “People” view?


after doing a few pics of tagging people, I then want it to organize those ppl into folders in the main section. when u click organize it doesn’t give that option, it only gives year/months etc. Is there anyway to tag the people and then as it creates people folders, have that change go into my main picture location?

I would guess that creating “people folders” is not an option - because so many pictures have more than one person in them. Mylio would have to start creating duplicate photos to accomplish this. Most people want exactly the opposite - for Mylio to ELIMINATE duplicate files, not create more of them.

A great example of where “folders” are the wrong organizational tool.

Maybe I explained it wrong. Here’s one of example of what I’m trying to do:

So I have photo collection A, which contains 500 random pictures.
I use mylio to tag photos, which mylio then let’s me see in people view.
I then want mylio to make that happen in the main collection so I can then give those people their photos.

If I can only view the organized photos in mylio then what’s the point?
why organize them only to just be able to view them?
then is it really an organizer? or just a viewer?

I feel like what I’m asking is a commonplace example of what people would use the software for. Not to create duplicates, just organize my library and just organize it to view in mylio

So I have photo collection A, which contains 500 random pictures.
I use mylio to tag photos, which mylio then let’s me see in people view.
I then want mylio to make that happen in the main collection so I can then give those people their photos.

To do that select the photos in people view and use the export function to export photos of a certain person into a specific folder outside of Mylio.

I guess this is close as I can get it. Have to make a new folder of the people and it duplicates the files, I guess this is what Jimre was referring to. Ok I’ll get crackin on it to see if this will work for me. It probaly still beats my alternative way of getting these things sorted and moved. will report back with results.

You can of course also select photos in people view and move those files inside Mylio to a new folder. But that would now make much sense, where do you put photos containing two or more persons?

I think you need to get rid of the idea to sort photos on the file system layer. In reality it does not matter where files are located, as long they are in the Mylio pictures folder and you have added sufficient meta data to find them when needed. You could even have them all in one single folder, as long as Mylio is able to filter and sort them based on meta data.

I use the organize option in Mylio to automatically sort all my media into a certain folder structure based on year, month and day. By that I can find photos and videos on my vaults even without Mylio (in case I loose my computer or my Mylio database gets corrupted)

@realicepick1 - do all of your photos contain exactly one person?

And also - can you explain what you mean by “…give those people their photos.”? Are you publishing these photos on their social media? Giving them a thumbdrive full of files? Something else?

There’s something about your scenario that I’m not grasping…

You are correct. I want to have mylio sort them into people folders outside of mylio in order to export them to another source, thumbdrive or otherwise.

Well what mylio does by tagging the people and then sorting them as folders with those people is exactly what I’m looking for it to do, I can handle the ones with multiple people myself. It sorts them into folders in mylio which again is fine for organizational viewing, but i want to then have that same sort applied to the source file outside of mylio for sharing with others. It’s really just the same thing the program is already doing but just to my source folder.

@realicepick1, it seems to me that there is a misunderstanding involved with what you want to do, which is that Mylio does non-destructive editing. Any changes you make to the images, such as cropping, sharpening, or saturation, are not applied directly to the source image, but rather are recorded in the XMP sidecar file. Copying the source images from Mylio’s folders to other people will not apply these changes. Only the export process applies the changes, and it is required unless you make no changes to the images themselves at all after import to Mylio.

If I were trying to do what you want to do, I would use the People view as @DrNipkow suggests, select all confirmed images that contain a particular person, and then export these directly to the thumb drive or external folder for that person; this would include the edits that might have been made, exclude Mylio’s sidecar files, and avoid duplication of images.

How practical this would be depends on how many people you have tagged. For 50 or so, it might be practical; for 500, not. In the latter case, I would export all the tagged images to an external folder, thereby incorporating the edits that have been made, and then use a utility like exiftool in a purpose-made operating system script file to copy these to target folders based on the embedded people tags. Having done all that, it would still be necessary to copy and send the images to hundreds of people, which could take a very long time.