Originals on external SOURCE FOLDERS should always remain in place

When ADDING FOLDERS from an external drive WITHOUT MOVING, currently Mylio automatically makes this drive an additional vault. (My guess, however, is that normally all have already set up minimum 2 vaults as strongly suggested by Mylio.)

If you change this drive’s sync quality policy to Thumbnails or Previews only, the ORIGINAL photos in the SOURCE FOLDERS get DELETED!

This is not how a SOURCE FOLDER WITHOUT MOVING should behave!

Regardless of the external device`s sync quality policy, ORIGINALS IN SOURCE FOLDERS SHOULD ALWAYS REMAIN IN PLACE.

Why this request? If one has a large and growing collection of photos, the use of big external drives is the easiest way not to burden internal drives of your computer. And if you use Lightroom, Photoshop or other software to work on your photos, that is the best place to keep their catalogs with the originals without doubling memory space and keeping everything synced. It can be a big disaster, if Mylio would delete the originals here.

Dear Mylio development team, this would make working especially with large libraries much safer. Thank you for your great support!

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