People tagging-problem to see who when zoomed in

Is it possible to tag people outside of mylio with an other application if the metadata is saved to the files?

What Match does when there are several people on one photo is to set a mark/ring on each face with name suggestions. In Mylio it can be difficult to see who is on the photo when zoomed in. If I zoom out, there should be a ring around the face to mark the person to be tagged.

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I haven’t tried this in the direction external app->Mylio as Mylio does an excellent work in face recognition.

The other way works pretty well, in my case Mylio->IMatch.
At least in my case with the raw+jpg pairs.
With jpg only you have to write the data to jpg files manually (Photo - Save metadata to file). I don’t know what happens if you change data in multiple software simultaneously.
Mylio reads the file if it recognizes a change outside and updates the database.
But what IMatch does if its database has different data than the newly changed file from Mylio I cannot answer.

In Mylio you can invoke face tagging from multiple view.
If you have many new faces, People view - Untagged faces Batch processing is your friend.
If only a few, you can go picture by picture.
Batch processing is started when you are viewing multiple photos in a grid.
If you want to add a face not recognized by Mylio just click on the photo and hold the mouse until a selector field appers. You cannot change the size of the box, but otherwise you can add anybody.
If ín batch mode something is not clear, I doubleclick the photo and assign the faces there.

Under the … menu there is also an option “zoom to face”, but I have it at default.

Yes, I’m running into this all the time. I wrote this on another thread:

I have lots of faces close together in group photos or kids hugging the parents where I simply don’t know which face Mylio is proposing me to tag right now. So to avoid tagging too many faces wrongly, I end up having to double click on photos and then ESC out again to not lose my place.
Because if I do tag a photo in single photo view, my current place in bulk tagging is lost and often things are jumbled around (which I now know is due to updated face proposals - can I turn that off or add some threshold for the update?).