People view - some questions

Some questions:

  • Where can I find the setting to choose if I want to zoom in or out on the faces?
  • What happens when I confirm more faces? Does Mylio find more photos of that person or do I have to search manually for more?
  • I guess I have to confirm all faces of a person to get as many photos as possible of this person?
  • I know Mylio will get better search capabilities. It would be nice to search for example for a person called Anna, photo was taken in 2019, with a canon camera and keyword x.
  • I know from other software that it has a feature to let you write in the date of birth of a person and then let the age be visible as a caption or title on the photo. Is this possible to add in Mylio?

As just a user, I can take a few stabs.

–For your first question, I remember this being a thing but it’s either changed or I can’t remember how to do it. You might be able to find it in the mylio tutorials. Double clicking does zoom in a bit… but that’s not the same thing

–A non-technical answer but annecdotal: Mylio does continue to present groups of faces for you to identify and it gets better the more you tag. There is an “untagged” folder that I go through sometimes to feed it some info, but if you hit the double face icon when in All Photos (or a particualar album or folder I think), it presents you with groups and guesses and you can confirm or not. Also, when you go to People View and look at individual people, there are tabs for all, confirmed and proposed - so you can go to the proposed tab and confirm or deny the new picks.

– I’ve been putting in random info like birth date or a reminder of how I know the person in the Phone field… not a perfect fix but I don’t use it otherwise.

Zoom to face is in the 3dots, menu upper right corner.

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I played with this setting but it doesn’t seem to enable what used to happen - while tagging a photo, it would zoom in from person to person

@katie180, you’re saying that if you have a picture with multiple untagged faces, and you tag one, that Mylio does not focus on the next untagged face?

The “tag” will focus to the next face, but didn’t it use to zoom in on each face too?

Thank you for answers. I still Wonder if I have to confirm all Photos for a person to Get all possible matches when I make a search for that person?

I understand that Mylio gets better the more I confirm faces. But does it also find more faces of that person? For example for 2019, does Mylio find all faces of a person first time or do I have to do the search several times?

I’m 99.9% positive that the search feature only returns photos where you’ve confirmed the faces.

I’ve confirmed faces over and over as it gets more information. Each time it identifies more (usually correct) possibilities for me to confirm. It’s not going to find all faces of a person the first time.

The Search feature will only return confirmed faces.

Mylio learns what a person looks like as you tag more faces. As it builds a better model of their face, it will be able to find more similar faces, so you’ll see more suggestions for that person as you tag more faces.

@katie180 Mylio will still zoom on the next face, but this feature is only on mobile devices.

In batch face tagging, there is a setting that allows you to choose whether you want Mylio to suggest smaller groups of more accurate faces, or larger groups of less accurate faces.
This setting is in Settings > Advanced, with the other face detection settings.

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As you have said, the more I confirm the more suggestions of that person I get. But when Mylio learns more when I tag, will Mylio update the list of that person to remove the faces not right so the list of that person get more accurate? When the suggestions are not right, is it best to use the questionmark and write in the right name or just use the x?

As long as you did not confirm the faces yet Mylio will adjust/improve the list of proposed pictures/faces.

If you use the X you are telling Mylio Its not the proposed person. If you write another name, youre doing the same but right away tag the right name. If you use the X mylio will keep proposing the face to whichever name he seems right until you name it or mark it to be ignored.

Thank you!