Photo date... why different sorting or blank in other apps or sites?

I have 24,000 photos from the last 20 years that I have painstakingly updated to ensure accurate photo date. This is the date on the info tab of Mylio directly above the title. I’ve found that other programs use different date fields to determine “date taken” for chronological sorting. Amazon Photos for example.

Is there some way to use the Mylio photo date to update and populate every other possible date field available so that other programs using a different field have an accurate date taken?

Unfortunately, there is no “general” solution to this problem - any more than “world peace” :slight_smile:

But can you give us some specific details of the scenario(s) you want to work? You mention Amazon Photos. Are you:

  • syncing photos from Mylio TO Amazon (and you hope to view/browse them there)?
  • Or importing photos FROM Amazon to Mylio?
  • are you having to edit the “date” field in Mylio because the photos don’t already have a “date taken”? (eg, they’re scanned photos, not taken with phone or digital camera).

Also - what app did you use to “painstakingly update” the accurate photo dates? Mylio?

General metadata interoperability will never happen, but we might be able to suggest workarounds for specific scenarios.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I set Amazon up as an unencrypted vault, primarily as my only offsite/cloud-based back-up solution. That highlighted the date issue. I had my dates updated and “correct” in Picasa and Google a few years back only to have to fix again when moving to Mylio. I hope Mylio is the best solution forever, but would like to have this cleaned-up for any eventual migration.

I am not importing photos from Amazon.

20+ years of photos from many sources (film, scan, multiple cameras, etc.). I updated dates in Mylio. My Mylio library is in good shape and sorts correctly based on the date on the info tab of Mylio directly above the photo title.

Thanks for your advice here. -Bryan

Amazon Photos is one of the worst when it comes to reading photo metadata. It will read embedded EXIF “date taken” from some file formats, like JPEG. It definitely does NOT seem to understand XMP sidecar files at all - although it CAN (sometimes) read the original Date Taken embedded in (some) proprietary RAW formats (example: Canon .CR2). But any metadata edits done on RAW files in Mylio will of course be written only to the XMP sidecar file (remember Mylio never touches your RAW files) - so of course Amazon will completely ignore those.

For JPEG, TIFF, and DNG (which do support embedded metadata) you’ll probably have to tell Mylio to first save the metadata to the file ( Photo -> Save Metadata to File) and then export & upload them to Amazon.

As a secondary issue, you’ve probably already discovered that syncing from Mylio to Amazon results in an almost completely unusable mess. No folder structure, long random file names, duplicate files (thumbs, previews, originals), etc. It’s important to keep in mind that Mylio’s “cloud sync” options are intended ONLY for Mylio backup/restore/sync usage - NOT as a way to publish your photos for easy browsing or viewing.

Thank you. Much appreciated! Keep up the great work!

FYI - here’s Mylio’s support article about Cloud Sync services: Adding cloud services to your Mylio account - Mylio Support

Important warning from this article:

Unlike other Vaults, cloud Vaults are designed solely as a tool for Mylio to communicate with and is not an alternative uploader for viewing your Mylio library within the cloud provider’s website or apps.

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Also - Amazon Photos unfortunately doesn’t support keywords or captions - which makes it un-usable for me as a publishing/sharing platform. Too bad, because unlimited Prime photo storage is a great feature. But I’ve ended up pretty much just using Amazon for Mylio backup, and for uploading the occasional screensaver image to my FireTV.