Photos aren't rendering correctly

I’m using version 3.16 on Mac Mojave with a premium account. Suddenly, in the middle of editing my latest photos, all pictures are rendered in partial negative form. Black is rendered as iridescent blue, for example. The jpegs in folders are fine. Photos works fine. I’ve restarted the app and rebooted the computer. Do I have to reinstall Mylio? I’m traveling. Can I safely do this away from my vault?

Check that you don’t have the “clipping” buttons turned on in your histogram tool. If the buttons for under and over exposure are active Mylio will show areas taht are underexposed as blue and areas that are overexposed as red. This is not a permanent render, simply click the buttons off in the Histogram.

Thanks. That was the problem. I have no idea how I turned on both switches accidentally, but now I know how to fix the problem.

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