Photos erroneously reported as unprotected?

I had three vaults on my setup (home PC, an attached USB drive, and a NAS) and I added a fourth (Amazon Cloud). The moment I added Amazon Cloud, Mylio listed all of my photos as unprotected, and that unprotected number has slowly been counting down as Amazon Cloud gets populated. Since I already had three vaults, is that a bug?

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I’ve seen this too - I think the message should say “not completely protected” rather than “unprotected”.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Right now, unprotected status is used if there are media that are yet to be synced to a Vault. Even if there are other Vaults online and fully synced there can still be unprotected media if there is even 1 Vault that needs media still. This could change in the future though.

This is by design. The only reason to designate a device as a Vault is really to get a notification that it’s not in sync.

If you want a device that wants all Previews & Originals but don’t really need to know whether it’s in sync specifically, then turn Vault off (switch to Thumbs), then click on “Show Customizations”, and select All Previews & All Originals for the device.

For example I have Mylio running on a PC in my RV. It’s out of sync almost all the time until the day before we go camping and we switch the power on in the RV. At that point it syncs all originals and previews to catch up. The rest of the time I don’t want/care specifically to know whether it’s in sync or not, so I mark this as an “All Originals” device as opposed to a “Vault”.

There’s nothing wrong with what Mylio is doing here - It’s just what it is saying about it. Being told your images are “unprotected” when you add an extra vault is a bit unsettling! If you have three vaults and add a fourth, it implies the other three are also incomplete.

I have an old laptop in a caravan (that we can’t use at the moment, being in Melbourne, Australia and so in lockdown again) which is set up exactly like this - though I do leave it on, and it syncs every night, because it counts as my ‘offsite backup’ in an external garage. Now that Mylio has support for OneDrive vaults, this may change.

The reason it surprised me is that I recall the documentation saying unprotected is for when a picture is in less than two vaults. I agree it’s a bit unsettling, but also probably not much of an issue if you aren’t taking three weeks to sync 100,000 photos to the cloud like I am. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe I won’t try using OneDrive as an offsite vault!