Photos not rendering in Mylio - showing as green blocks

I’ve been working on cleaning up and consolidating libraries with Mylio, moving data from my wife’s Apple Photos collection and I’ve noticed a problem with some (not all) of the photos brought across that I also am seeing with some (again, not all) of the photos Mylio itself imported on my iPhone.

The photos don’t render properly in Mylio when pulled up or seen within the gallery view - instead, I see a green block the size of the photo. What’s interesting is that they do usually show up fine in the Filmstrip. I have at least one instance of the opposite scenario as well, where it renders fine in the main view but not in the filmstrip. They all view fine from the file system in Finder.

The photos I am importing from my wife’s collection are being imported manually, by exporting from Apple Photos in batches and then copying the photo (and XMP file) into the Inbox folder and letting Mylio scan for them. I am manually creating myb files for the Live Photos which seems to be working for the majority.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? I’m not terribly concerned since the photos render properly from the filesystem - I’m assuming it’s some problem with the thumbnail that was generated. Is there a way to force regeneration of the thumbnail or preview?

What file format are these photos? What camera were they shot with?

Good questions, should have added that.

So far, they are a mix of jpg and HEIC files. The HEICs were shot by my wife’s iPhones (an SE and her current iPhone 11). The jpgs appear to be photos shot on other iPhones (sometimes my own) sent to my wife. I do see the same behavior with mp4 files from videos shot on my camera and some movs from Live Photos, but i kind of expected Mylio to have a more difficult time determining what to render in a static view from a video :slight_smile:

I’m still wading through to see if I can spot a pattern (this last batch import was 40k photos just from 2019/2020, sigh). I know that it doesn’t affect ALL HEICs or Live Photos and that everyone I’ve found seems fine at the OS level.

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Did you ever find a resolution for this? I am seeing something similar - though in my case images break up into red blocks… It’s definitely mylio related, and only on my MAC, the original images are fine in preview and viewed directly in chrome, and I’ve never seen the same issue on either IOS or Android mylio clients. I also suspect that this started happening with a recent MACOS update - pretty sure it didn’t happen when I first installed Mylio in early March.

From your original post, sounds like you are using a MAC?

Is this something to do with the way the previews are rendered on a MAC? Anyone have any thoughts on where else to look?

Here is a screen capture of what I see. IT’s not every image. Not worked out the pattern yet.

Yours is different from the OP. Looks you have the “highlight clipping” warning enabled in Mylio on your Mac. The red splotches show where your image is over-exposed. Go to the Edit panel, open the Histogram pane, and click OFF the highlights dot in the upper right.

Yup, that was it. No idea how that got switched on. Not even seen that dialogue before. Anyway, thanks for the super quick answer - fixed my issue… User error.