Photos reappear in iphone library

I imported my photos from my phone using the Mylio option, then moved the photos from the “iphone library” folder to dated folders using finder and telling Mylio to updated system file changes as requested.

The photos all reappeared in the “iphone library” folder again after syncing with another vault. I’m thinking I don’t have things set up right.

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I’m sorry your files aren’t being moved. If you move the photos from within Mylio instead of the file system, do they stay in place?

If you’re still having trouble you can send log files from your computer and the support team can take a look at your current setup and see what might be causing the problem. You can do this from within Mylio by opening the View Menu (the three vertical dots in the top-right) and selecting Help → Contact Mylio Support. Type in a subject and click “Upload”.