Please improve date entry via keyboard

Editing the date and time of a photo quickly is best done via keyboard.

But here Mylio stumbles, because it does not fully work in “keyboard only” mode.

It is possible to edit year, month, hour and minute via cycling through those fields with the Tab key, but when the Tab key reaches the day field, I can’t enter a day manually. I am forced to click on a day in the calendar.

Also, please give us the option to use a 24 hour clock like most people use it. Changing between AM and PM via keyboard is also not supported.

Oh, and seconds are not supported as well. It might be important to enable this as well, in order to display shots in the right order when sorted by time.



I agree. It seems like someone put a lot of work into the Mylio date-picker control - in order to support its unique features like fuzzy dates or undated photos. Unfortunately it seems keyboard operation was neglected.

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