Pop up alerts - WTF!?

The pop ups in Mylio have got so bad in the recent editions, how do i get rid of them?

I have my Mylio library originals on one PC and Amazon cloud, but it keeps warning that I need to back up to my other vault (a older PC that I only turn on every few months). I’m aware that I only have two copies of originals stored for recent images, I no longer want to get the notifications every time i open the program on computer or on mobile. How can they be disabled? or at least changed so that I get the same warning only once a month… Even once a week would be tolerable!! But multiple times a day is so damn annoying.

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Settings \ Appearance \ Display Notifications outside of the notification panel


Champion! thanks very much M-D - protecting our sanity. :smiley:

*Edited initial post to remove the word s–t as someone reported it offensive, hiding this thread. I felt this thread needed to stay visible because I imagine other regular users are having similar issues with popups.

Thank you for editing and keeping this post. This has been driving me bananas since that 3.14 update. Mylio constantly tells me to sync & then goes through the whole tutorial… I mean like 20+ times per day… on each device… every time I open them… it’s a bit overkill.

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