Possible to change backed-up drive to a vault?

Hi all

I have Mylio installed on a Win10 laptop, with 1 other vault set up on an external USB drive - I’ll call that external drive USB1. USB1 is backed up (using GoodSync) to another external USB drive - I’ll call that drive USB2.
USB1 drive is beginning to fail and is randomly disconnecting from the laptop. I’d like to set up USB2 as a vault and disconnect/throw away USB1. Is there a way to do this quickly, bearing in mind that all the files in the vault in USB1 are replicated on USB2? I really don’t want to set up a vault on USB2 from scratch, as I have over 200,000 files in the vault and past experience tells me it will take several days for Mylio to set up a new vault from scratch on a new external USB drive. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I haven’t had this exact scenario but when I did a clean install on my computer awhile back, there was an option to restore Mylio using a device that holds originals…

Not sure if that would be helpful in your case, but I’m thinking this might be a way to get Mylio to use the files you already have.

If USB2 is truly an exact up-to-date replica of USB1 - then it seems like you should just be able to plug it in and Mylio should see it as the same Vault device (eg, it contains the same “Mylio_XXXXXX” folder). Assuming that you can assign it the same drive letter as USB1 had.

Hi jimre
Thank you. Mylio is now seeing the vault on the new drive and it all seems to be working fine. It has saved a lot of sync time! Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to matter that the drive letter is different - the name of the new drive does need to be the same as the old drive and the Mylio_XXXXXX folder needs to be in the root of the drive.
Many thanks for your help!

Hi katie180
Many thanks for taking the time to reply - I appreciate your help and kindness. The problem has now been solved (see reply below to jimre).

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