Premium package

I updated my acct from the free acct to the premium acct and when I go open Mylio it is saying its the free version. I tried everything to get the app to accept the change and it wont…plzz help.
I hope this goes thru I am new and just learning.

thank you

The account name used for the purchase has to match exactly the account name you start Mylio with. This is NOT the same as the account name for the Mylio Community site.

ohh noo I don’t know the emai. I just recently start back up.

I think it would be best to email and explain what has happened - they may be able to sort it out for you.

ty so much for the help…I emailed them earlier and the suggested to ask in here that hopefully they can get back to me by Monday. I just found the email I opened with so maybe and hopefully I can figure it out. :thinking:

Don’t forget they will be on US time - I’m not sure which time zone!

you know I never even thought about the time zone lol :smirk: ty for your help