Questions re backing up to cloud vault

I have a photo library of 100,000 images. I backed it up to a NAS drive as a vault with no difficulty. I set up a second vault at Amazon Prime Photos, knowing full well the process will take a long time. What I notice is that sometimes the uploading of images seems to slow down or stop altogether, while at other times the images seem to upload fairly quickly. For example, over an 8 hour period, Mylio will sometimes upload over 1,000 images, and other times upload none. What accounts for this difference and is there a way to insure a more consistent upload time? Also, thumbnail and preview images are also being uploaded to the cloud vault. Does my cloud vault require these images be uploaded also? Is there a way I can specify to only upload original images? TIA.

  1. Mylio always syncs Thumbnails to every device, at the bare minimum.

  2. You can control which Previews & Originals to sync (if any).

You start by choosing Thumbnails:
Dashboard -> (your device) -> Device Quality -> Thumbnails

Then you can add which Previews & Originals to sync, by clicking Show Customizations.

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Below is a screen shot of what I see after clicking through the options as you suggest. The toggle button for syncing all previews is toggled off, yet previews continue to upload to Amazon Prime. So I’m not sure how to stop the uploading of preview images.

What method are you using to confirm that Previews continue to upload?

Also, sorry to ask the obvious - but you DID click the blue “Apply Changes” button at the bottom of the Device Quality pane, right?

I had not previously clicked the Apply Changes button because when I went to this customization screen for the first time, the toggle switch was already in the off position. Nonetheless, I just clicked that button and it does seem to have fixed the issue. Thank you.