Questions to annotations

When I set Mylio to show title as an annotation, it shows filename. This is also the situation when I have written a title for the photos.

As I have written before, Mylio doesn`t seem to be consistent when to show date on the photos (annotation). Seems to vary between different grid styles.

Hope there is an explaination for this or something to fix it:)

It shouldn’t be doing that (it doesn’t for me).

In what view (All Photos/Calendar/Folder etc)? Could you perhaps paste a screenshot to show what you are seeing?

I am in folder view. The title annotation is turned on, but I get this:

As you can see here, the filename is showing for some photos, but not all. The other thing here is that my titles is not showing.

As I said, I have seen this with dates too. Sometimes dates are visible on some photos but not all.

Ok, I think that just have to do with the percentage of space we allocate for the title. Just to confirm - can you use the slider at the bottom-left of the info panel (below) and make the images larger and see if the title is showing.

However, I’m still not sure if you see a case where an image has a Title, but we are showing a Filename instead of a Title. Can you confirm?

The title does not show when using the slider to make the images larger. In the screen shot I sent you, all the photos have titles, but they are not showing. The filename seems to show instead. There is no filename annotation in the settings. But yes, I can confirm that Mylio seems to show filenames instead of titles, also when titles exist.

Can you perhaps select a couple of photos where Mylio does this, and run (copy/paste) the following commands in the console and paste the results in here? (These are 3 individual commands - please copy/paste or type them individually and press enter between each one, and the last one will copy it to the clipboard, you just have to paste the results in here):


select title, filenamenoext from media where id in (select value from selectedmedia)


I selected three photos where titles exist, but when filenames show instead.

When using cls command, nothing happened.

When using select title… command, I got this result:

(The title is “Rødvola-Unset” in this result. The rest is filename.)

Nothing happened when using the copy command.

This happens for me too - ‘Show title’ always shows the filename in grid view. I haven’t bothered about it in the past because I find it useful to be able to show the filename in the grid view at times, and my captions are identical to my titles.

I also see longer text disappearing if there is not enough space owing to the grid size being small. When messing about with the annotation settings, the title and date sometimes overlay each other in the grid, as here:

This always resolves itself when the grid is refreshed.
[Edited for clarity]

A discovery: This behaviour occurs when ‘Show filename extensions’ is set in Preferences. With that off, the title shows correctly!

I find it really useful to be able to show the filename in the grid as well - please do provide an option for that too, @Mylio_Deon!

Ahh! Thank you. That now makes sense.

Thank you both! aearenda, this only works for me when I set the slider to 95-100% Could this be because of too little space allocated for titles? I guess captions will not work because of space?

Yes, I think so - it seems to vary depending on the zoom level as well as how many items (date, caption, or title) you are trying to show. If you have two items enabled, only one shows when the images are smaller in the grid, and then none show - it’s worse when the entire line is made up of images in landscape orientation. I usually only have the caption enabled.

How much you see will also vary depending on the screen pixel resolution. My 27-inch screen shows a lot more than my iPad!

Also, square and tile views do better than fluid view.

Yes, something to improve here I guess;)