Quickest way of importing mac Photos structure to Mylio?

I have imported all my photos from mac Photos to Mylio, but the album organisation did not follow. As I have 11765 photos I am not very keen on going through them and organise them in albums and events (again).

My first idea was to do a bit of applescripting but I could not find that Mylio was very applescriptable and that path seems to be closed. Is it possible to create events (e.g. saying between this and that date I was on this or that trip) via command line? That way I could do some applescript to get the dates from Photos and then copy that information over to Mylio.

Are there any other good ways? I expect that I have to do some manual work but I would prefer to automate as much as possible. (Is there a search query I can use to find photos that are not part of an event or album? I.e. to find those that I have not yet handled?)

I have not really searched for this information as I don’t quite know where to start…

Not sure about the automation part but Events sounds similar, where you create an event, specify the dates and filter by category and all the photos will be added to the event automatically.

Yes, the thing is that I have twenty years worth of photos and way too many events to do it by hand. I found the help for the console but could not find any command to create an event. :unamused: