(Re)name Color Labels

Hi, please add the possibility to “name” categories.
e.g. I’m using imatch and named the yellow category to “500px”.
I assume, Mylio doesn’t show the yellow flag because the category in JPG/XML file is named as “500px” and not as “Yellow”.
So the possibility to name each category would be perfect.

First - be sure not to confuse Color Labels with Categories. Mylio has a separate feature named Categories, but you’re clearly asking about Color Labels.

It appears that Mylio has no built-in way to rename the text labels attached to different colors. You can do this in Lightroom and iMatch.

Your example highlights the big problem with the XMP “Label” field: every app - and potentially EVERY USER - can have different names for different colors. Or multiple names. Unfortunately, there is no standard for how text labels get mapped to colors. At best - assuming Mylio supported such a feature - you’d have to manually re-map “Yellow” to “500px” in every application.

One one hand I can see this as a useful feature. On the other hand, it can lead to confusion and overlooked metadata (Mylio has no way to associate a “500px” XMP Label to ANY color tag, much less the Yellow one). Perhaps it’s safer just to stick with Yellow being called “Yellow”?

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In lieu of this feature, I can think of at least one workaround. Your “500px” name is not lost, it’s still there in the metadata - it’s just that Mylio has no way to associate this with Yellow or any other color icon. So instead you could still find these with a search:


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Thanks, you are right, I’m talking about “rename color labels”, sorry for wrong title. I changed the topic to the correct name.
And yes please, I would like to manually re-map “Yellow” to “500px” as I did in Adobe Bridge and iMatch too.
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