Read Metadata from File

Mylio already has a Save Metadata to File command. I’m requesting its inverse: Read Metadata from File.

Purpose: refresh/reload metadata embedded in image files, after metadata has been edited in an external app. Mylio uses XMP sidecar files for metadata storage with all image file types. Many (most?) other apps - such as Lightroom - only use sidecars for RAW files. For other file types like JPEG, those other apps write the metadata directly into the image file.

Currently, the only way I know of to get Mylio to read updated metadata from a JPEG file is to remove the file from Mylio, and re-import it.

My main concern is just for basic IPTC-type metadata fields - specifically Keywords, Caption, and Date Taken. This feature would allow bi-directional interop for basic metadata-editing between Mylio and other apps like Lightroom for non-RAW files. My current scenario involves thousands of scanned JPEG family photos that need to be tagged & dated.

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What you ask is already implemented for a subset of metadata also for JPG files.

I made a simple test and added Title, Caption and other data in Lightroom to a JPG file. See images at the end of this post.
The changes were visible in Mylio after a minute or so. It is depending on the other tasks Mylio is executing in the background. You might accelerate it with using “Organize - Scan for changes” in Mylio.

It is also dependent on the metadata fields you are writing. I guess, that Mylio only understands the Lightroom supported XMP fields inside the JPG also, not the old IPTC-IIM data.

Metadata for photos is not an easy topic.

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Thanks - I was doing the same testing. Looks like maybe I was just not waiting long enough. After choosing “Scan for Changes” and waiting several minutes, the metadata changes I made to a JPEG in Lightroom finally did show up in Mylio.

With RAW files, any metadata changes made in Lightroom would show up immediately in Mylio, presumably since those changes were written to the XMP sidecar file, not the image file.

I’ll do some more testing, but if this works it may solve my problem and eliminate the need for my feature request.

I think this is a good idea. Have you been testing more jimre? When I tried to edit title, caption and keywords in Imatch, and then save metadata to file, the results in Mylio was not good.

Some of the photos had all titles, caption and keywords and some didn`t. And some had caption in the title field.

Maybe because both programs were open at the same time?

Maybe a read from file command in Mylio would work better?

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried this (with non-RAW files). With RAW files, this works as expected and works immediately. In my case I use Lightroom Classic (not iMatch) and my RAW files are all stored in a folder that’s a Source Folder in Mylio. I change some metadata in Lightroom, it immediately gets saved into XMP file, and Mylio immediately picks up the XMP file changes.

For non-RAW files (where other apps usually embed metadata directly in the image file) the behavior in Mylio seems unclear and a bit non-deterministic. Sometimes you can “Scan for Changes” and the new metadata will show up (eventually) in Mylio. Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes never.

I made this feature request to solve this problem - by adding an EXPLICIT “Read Metadata from File” command. Other apps like Lightroom have both “Read Metadata from File” and “Save Metadata to File”. Mylio just has the latter.

We were actually just discussing this issue yesterday.

What do you (or anybody on this thread) expect to happen if you click Read Metadata From File and you have Mylio XMP-based metadata that is now different/conflicting from what is inside the file? Just reset everything in the XMP back to what is inside the original EXIF for the file?

Or would you expect to see the conflicts in a list and pick the ones you want?

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The way Lightroom handles this would be sufficient: detect conflict, notify user, prompt for which version to keep. The LR prompt is something like this:

This photo’s metadata has been changed in an external application. Should Lightroom overwrite the settings on disk? Y/N

I believe it’s an all-or-nothing choice to overwrite. No field-by-field choice or anything fancy.


I think you shut implement the new funktion like Excire and others: “Read/Load metadata”. With this soluzione the user have the control of the opertation and the timing.

I hope this will be implemented in Mylio soon. When I tried to set rating to photos (jpgs) in Lightroom and saved to file, nothing is visible in Mylio. I guess this is because Mylio reads from xmp sidecar.

Mylio: is this coming soon?

Edit: I found that for some folders the ratings done i LR was visible in Mylio after some waiting. Sometimes changes were visible in Mylio immediately. But the strange thing is that for some folders the changes are still not visible. In LR I have selected to autosave metadata.